Are There 24,000 Abusive Catholic Priests?

TIME Magazine reports that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles will payout $660 Million to more than 500 victims of child abuse by the clergy. This is just the latest settlement in a widespread problem of child abuse by Catholic Priests. Almost all of the cases are the same – an older Catholic Priest molesting an Alter Boy. Many of the abuse cases involved some sort of retreat for these monsters to commit their pedophilia. By my numbers (see below), there could be as many of 24,000 of these assholes!


My personal feelings on this matter sway me to believe that there is a sort of unwritten rite in the Catholic church that calls for this unspeakable act. The cases seem so widespread and so common that it seems it would have to be almost a ceremonial tradition of some sort to molest young boys. My theory is supported by the fact that in the more than 300 cases of sexual abuse that have arisen over the last 5 years, many of them were “handled” by the Catholic Church by doing no more than shuffling the priest around to a different Church. That’s insane.

Hardcore Christians think the molestation happens because the Priests aren’t saved.

Why are so many perverts in the “priesthood”?

1. The unbiblical requirement for a celibate priesthood.
2. The Catholic religion is not Christian so their priests are not saved and still in their sins.
3. Catholics are trained to look on their priests with awe–Catholic priests are called “another Christ” (which is the definition of antichrist) . This is called brainwashing. Little children and unstable adults are easy victims. Pervert Catholic priests all over the world have been having a field day with people’s lives. They got away with it for centuries, but with the media, people are speaking out now.
4. A lot of Catholic priests don’t even believe in God. The Catholic priesthood is a job. They get adoration from men, a place to sleep, something to eat. A former Catholic related to me that when he was in counseling with his priest the priest told him not to mention God–the priest said his therapist had said that he had to deal with his own problems!

Pretty sickening take on the whole thing, if you ask me. Saved or unsaved, God or no God, there’s never an excuse for child abuse. A commenter below mentioned that the above group isn’t so innocent from molestation scandals themselves.

I was surprised to find’s denouncing of these actions a little weak. They look at the problem statistically:

Nobody even knows how many adults in general sexually abuse youth and adults. A figure of 2% is often mentioned. However this is really just a guess…

It is important to keep one’s eye on the forest and not on the trees. Even if, as one researcher estimates, six percent of priests sexually abuse youth or children, then that still leaves an average of almost 19 priests out of every 20 who are non-abusive.

1 in 20 is an astonishing figure! estimates there to be 400,000 Catholic Priests, worldwide. At six percent, that’s 24,000 pedophile priests that are molesting our children!


27 Responses to Are There 24,000 Abusive Catholic Priests?

  1. […] The Great Realization estimates there are 24,000 abusive Catholic priests in the world. We also get a link to explanations of why all this happens from one fundie Christian site: Why are so many perverts in the “priesthood”? I have a few thoughts: […]

  2. Timothy says:

    With 3 billion men in the world and a 2% offense rate, that means there’s 6 million non-priest lay men “molesting our children!”

    Applying the higher 6% offense rate that you used to arrive at 24,000 priests, there are about 18 million non-priest lay men “molesting our children!”

    BTW, I was unable to locate your post on the 800 plus known non-Catholic ministers who have engaged in the same behavior:

    What are your estimates on the number of non-Catholic ministers that are offending?

  3. Braden says:

    Well the Catholic Church is a completely corrupt organization. I’m a Christian, but I think you make some good points. However, I’m sure even atheists are not lacking in the area of molesting children. Every religion (or lack thereof) has its bad apples. Some just obviously have more than others….

  4. bob tallon says:

    This 6% figure is likely low an estimated 7% of public school teachers have illecit sexual contact with minor students, We Americans are the most sexually corrupt mentally unhealthy folks on the planet. Until we stop advertisers and religious radicals from determining our values this will not stop.

  5. Fr. Joe says:

    No more than 2% of priests have been acused of the sexual abuse of children. Most of the cases are over thiry years old. Your 24,000 statistic is rediculous. One predator priests could have molested dozens of children. Read the book “Pediphile and Priests” by Phillip Jenkins. He is a professor Pennsylvania State University and isn’t even Catholic. He has studied the whole situration and concludes that sexual abuse is no more common in the Catholic Church than it is in any other denomiation or in society at large. The Catholic Church just gets the publicity

    • Michael says:

      No more than 2%. That number doesn’t fly even by the most conservative counts. Anywhere between 4% and 9% depending on which study you believe. The numbers are significantly higher than 2 percent in Diocese that have had their “secret” files suboenaed and the Bishops could no longer keep their secrets.
      I don’t disagree that there are problems in other denominations or in teachers, scout leaders, etc. The Catholic Church (read that to mean the Bishops) need to fess up and take real action. This deflect attention from us to avoid further scrutiny strategy just makes the Catholic Hierachy look criminal.
      I know how they lie, they hid my perp for years until I forced them to publicly admit he was a pedophile. He still enjoys your church’s protection.
      I recommend you get your head out of the sand.

      • Jacob says:

        oh please, you were no more molested than i was! how convenient to hide behind a monitor and keyboard. if everyone online who claims this were truly molested there’d be no fewer than 10 billion molestation charges in a world of 6 billion people. i personally was molested by eight martians with a vendetta against young hispanic males. lol

  6. William L. Irwin says:

    The Roman Catholic Church is a monsterous evil. We are under attack by evil. The Roman Catholic Church is the church of SATAN. The Roman Catholic Priests are priests of SATAN and they feed like vampires on the people. The Roman Catholic Priests represent a foreign power and that power is headquartered in ROME. The Roman Catholic Church is UN-AMERICAN. The American population is being raped and robbed by the Priests of the Church of Rome. The Roman Catholic Church has killed more people than Al Qaeda ever dreamed of (inquisition). The sicko priests of Rome are going to hell on a daily basis. Those sick bastards have corrupted multitudes.

  7. mariposa06 says:

    Hello – I’d like to use the picture in this article for a project. Could you please direct me to where you got the picture, or provide information on who the priest pictured actually is?
    Thank you.

  8. Alexwebmaster says:

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  9. Michael says:

    I think your numbers are conservative. It took me years to get my perp priest publicly identified as a child rapist. Tip of the iceberg!


  10. Criminal Bible, criminal christan World!
    1. Pedophile in the Bible? Pedophilie in the Churchs!
    2. Genocide in the Bible, Racism in the Bible, War!
    3. Antisemitism in the Bible, Incest, Vandalism,
    Apartheid, Hate, Slavery, Superstition…

    Atheist 100%

  11. Hillery T. Watkins says:

    I believe in the catholic church,and I find it very offensive that we are called non-christians! If you will check historical records you will find that the Roman catholic church was the first church.The twelve disciples were the first catholics. The word catholic means universal….look it up? I feel the pediphile priest should be arrested and serve time in prison just like anyone else!PLEASE DO NOT DEMONIZE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH! All churches have sinners in them not just the catholics!

    Hillery T. Watkins

    • Michael says:

      The actions of the Catholic Church are very un-Christian at times. They hid the priest who raped me when I was 13 for decades and finally moved him out of state to avoid prosecution. I will continue to speak out against the Catholic Hierarchy that has protected these monsters for centuries (and yes, that is documented).

      All churches do have sinners, I am amazed though at the number of criminals wearing Roman Collars in the Catholic Church. When your church’s leadership roots out all the pedophiles and rapists (about 4% of the priests)and dismisses the bishops that protected them, I will happily go back to my quiet life. In the meantime I will be very critical of the Bishops who allow the pedophiles to continue to rape children.
      Funny, the apologists for the bishops seem to thing we are attacking the faith, we are not. Many of the survivors are devout Catholics. We want the church to do what is right, moral, ethical and Christian. The Bishops have failed miserably doing the right thing. At some point it stopped being about God.

    • Christine says:

      The problem with most Catholics is they do not consider anything prior to the formation of the church as history. Truth is they were far from the fist church, they happened to be one of the strongest only because they burned you and fed you to lions if you denounced them…I could go on, but you really have to be aware of the internal workings of men’s minds in the era of time and what the essential nature of the men propagating this universal church were.


      • Gord says:

        Okay Christine, please provide those who post on the website, including me, a history lesson on Christianity. I would be much appreciative.

  12. Gord says:

    I read a study about atheists to the effect that the typical atheist is well educated, middle income and intelligent. However, I haven’t seen any evidence of the latter in these posts. Instead of targeting Catholics by throwing out angry rants, name calling, and aburd numbers try some reading on the subject matter – then approach the problem some rationality – aka common sense.

    • Michael says:

      Funny, it seems that whenever evidence, some of it from the Catholic Church itself is presented, everyone can see it except those so blinded by “faith”. Remember, the Catholic Church wants you to listen to what they say and ignore the impressive collection of evidence. I don’t think you would understand reason or common sense if it hit you in the face.

      For the record, I am educated, upper middle class, considered by many to be intelligent, and I am not an atheist. I am also not dogmatic, homophobic or incapable of spell/grammar checking my posts.

  13. Gord says:

    The Vatican doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to this issue. I’m also outraged that the Vatican chooses not to deal harshly and swiftly with priests convicted of sexual abuse.

    I just don’t wish to participate in Catholic bashing. The vast majority of priests are wonderful human beings who do a lot of good around this world.

    Is the Catholic Church wrong to cover up abuse? Of course! Should priests be defrocked if convicted of sexual abuse? Yes and immediately on conviction! Should they receive lengthy prison sentences? You bet!

    What I find distasteful is the hatred that exudes from some of the posts, some of which contain baseless statistics. To suggest that one half of the priests in the US are perverts is absurd. Show me the evidence that supports that number!

    Children are much more likely to be sexually assaulted by a teacher, a father, an uncle or stranger than they are by a priest. Does this mean we should ignore the wrongs of the Catholic Church? Absolutely not! More people, particularly Catholics, should be speaking out against sexual abuse perpetrated by a handful of the 406,000 priests worldwide.

    For your information, I am Catholic and proud of it.

    While I have never been sexually abused, I have investigated sexual assaults for a number of years and not one of my cases involved a priest. About 95% of my cases involved suspects who were family members, friends of family, or teachers.

    Finally, there are more important things to life than spell checkers.

  14. Michael says:

    I did not suggest that half of the priests are perverts. I also stipulate that great majority of the priests are out there doing good work. I will also stipulate to pedophiles existing in comparable percentages in other professions, about 7% in the John Jay Study. The difference is that when they are identified they don’t enjoy the protection of the institution that employs them. The institution that will do anything to protect itself, even when it is wrong.

    I was Catholic. I was raped, repeatedly by a priest who was trusted by my family. I was not his only victim. When he was reported, his diocese moved him out of state, out of the jurisdiction that could have prosecuted him. They also failed to turn him in. They tried to buy off other victims. When that didn’t work they intimidated people and claimed that they, the church, were being persecuted. I have no stomach for the argument that they are the target of an unfair attack. The deflection strategy is a loser, just like the denial and deception strategy.

    Yes, there are more important things in life than spell check. Protecting children and vulnerable adults comes to mind. As does the idea of an institution, theoretically based on love, respect, compassion, and good works actually doing the right thing. So, answer me this, why don’t they.

    My perp is living in Missouri at the expense of the parishioners of the diocese that hid him. His victims were offered a chance to come in and receive absolution. So tell me, who has this wrong?

    • Gord says:

      I didn’t suggest that you pesonnally made the claim about one half of the US priests.

      Your first paragraph – last two sentences – I agree. Your second paragraph – I totally agree. With respect to the latter half of your second paragraph, I could not agree more with you. When the personal priest to the Pope proclaimed that the so called criticism of the Church was tantamount to Nazi persecution of the Jews, I was and still am infuriated.

      I can’t answer your question in the fourth paragraph. I ask the same question, but I can’t offer you an answer as I search for it myself. It seems to me the Catholic Church would better serve itself by admiting it’s wrong and acting to prevent and deter future abuse.

      And lastly, absolution for what? You and other victims have done nothing wrong!

      It seems to me that our views are much more in common than not. Thank you for your reply and comments.

    • Christine says:

      “The difference is that when they are identified they don’t enjoy the protection of the institution that employs them.”…This is exactly the issue.


  15. Gord says:

    I agree – as I repeatedly said.

  16. Jacob says:

    Your open hatred of the Church only makes Christ’s word all the sweeter to us Christians. “All men will hate you because of me.” Luke 21:17. Even these other self styled christians openly hate us. I’m sorry, but a southern baptist minister or lutheran deacon is just as likely to molest or engage in sexual perversions. But any one who is not a Catholic cannot profess to be truly Christian. They are the type that leave a ten dollar bill in the offering plate on Sunday, but then turn their noses up at the hungry beggar in the street. It is okay, you all can continue your hate filled message against God’s annointed Church and we will continue to heal you in our hospitals, feed you in our soup kitchens, comfort the sick and dying and stand alone in our lighthouse before the dark open sea. the majority of these cases were settled to avoid embarrassment. There has never been any offers of proof. Families who put their children up to these accusations (which has happened hundreds of times) just to make a quick million should realize that if the do believe in God, His Holy Wrath will be brought down on them when they are striken to perdition after their death. I am not saying this never happens, I am saying it has not happened 24,000 times. This is a common affliction across every aspect and group in society. Look at the heathens in Africa who believe raping three year old girls cures AIDS… no backlash or outrage there, is there? Sixty year old muslim men that take a dozen wives ranging in ages from 10 to 25? I fully believe that that catholic priests who sin against an innocent child should be prosecuted and hung out to dry. For Jesus truly said, “Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to people like these.” Matthew 19:14, the innocents should not be made into victims. But this is a church matter and it should not be sensationalized in the media nor should it be a jerry springer style proceeding. At any rate, I read through your assinine supposition and felt the need to call a spade a spade. you are just a bitter atheist.

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