The Creation Explained?

Ana Elena Azpurua at Newsweek wrote an intriguing article about what may ultimately lead to the understanding of how the universe was created.

The biggest experiment in particle physics, the Large Hadron Collider, starts this summer in Switzerland. The goal is to find signs of an elusive particle called the Higgs boson—also known as the “God particle” because it might ultimately lead to a grand theory of the universe.

As we come closer to developing an ultimate theory of the universe, how will this impact religion?
As science explains more and more, there is less and less need for religious explanations. Originally, in the history of human beings, everything was mysterious. Fire, rain, birth, death, all seemed to require the action of some kind of divine being. As time has passed, we have explained more and more in a purely naturalistic way. This doesn’t contradict religion, but it does takes away one of the original motivations for religion.

Read the story here.

Here’s a video about the “God Particle.”


6 Responses to The Creation Explained?

  1. Great video. Glad to have found your site.

  2. You says:

    make a choice and stop crying about it . We can barely read dna let alone figure it out . Keep searching for the unfathomable and you’ll keep coming out with questions . If it took a billion years to make maybe you just aren’t evolved enough yet to understand it .

  3. Von says:

    “We can barely read dna let alone figure it out .”

    Well since you are having trouble with it, this might help you get started.

  4. MrMarkAZ says:

    We can barely read dna let alone figure it out .


    Yeah. Now if only we could construct some kind of complete diagram, or blueprint–a map, if you will–of human genetic material. If only there was something like that.

    Keep searching for the unfathomable and you’ll keep coming out with questions .


    Of course. Scientists never claim to know all the answers, though they can tell you which questions are more important than others. Isn’t that the principle we call humility? Only religious persons have the arrogance to make the claim of certain knowledge, and the hypocrisy to refuse to admit their errors.

  5. m0k3d says:

    “a billion years” lol! try 6-7 thousand..Carbon dating is CRAP! when are you people going to “get it” This has nothing to do with Creation or black holes…Its about Interdenominational “fallen angels” and giving them a door to our dimension! Read Gen.6,

    You all seem smart, then figure this out?(watch em all)

  6. GeorgeRic says:

    I challenge atheists who say we just don’t have our brains in gear: 166 years ago Abbott’ s ‘Flatland’ showed that contiguous geometrical worlds explain where God is and why we can’t see him. So we wrote ‘Techie Worlds’ for mechanical people and did the scientific thing: we looked at Christian teachings like the Trinity, like resurrection, judgment, the idea of a soul. In contiguous geometrical worlds these things are logical and understandable, even though to ‘this-world-only’ atheists they are ridiculous imaginings.
    We see a lot of belief in devils, in miracles, in good and evil spirits. Just talk with your friendly Wiccas and Satanists. Their recognition of spirit worlds makes it more probable that our view, the view of love, of the world is correct. Besides, there is Pascal’s wager, pointing out that Christian belief can reward while atheism surely leads to death. The labels: Thinking, Logical, Reasonable, Rational really belong to Christians more than to those proudly acclaimed agnostics. Get a copy of ‘Techie Worlds’ from and see the reasonableness of Abbott’s explanation.

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