Fear Based Motivation

Fear is one of the fastest-acting tactics to motivate someone into doing something (It’s also one of the ones that wears off the quickest). Some religions use fear to motivate people to adherence, scaring them with the possibility of what would happen to them if they don’t adhere.

I was surfing YouTube and came across this video, put out by thisSt. Brigitta web site from Sweden.

Holy crap! Imagine a kid watching that! I once was taken by a friend to what was purported to be “like a haunted house, but it’s even scarier because its at an old church.” What it ended up being was a place called “Hellstop,” where church members put on a realistic outdoor walk-through of the fate of a car accident victim who hadn’t accepted Christ. The guests were escorted through the woods and into a mock “hell” complete with lakes of fire, Satan screaming at you from a throne, people in cages, etc. It literally scared the hell out of me as a kid. I thought I had to make sure I prayed extra hard so that didn’t happen to me.

When a non-Christian dies, exactly what is Hell supposed to be like? I would encourage readers to leave a comment as to what you think Hell would be like. Does the human spirit feel pain in Hell? If so, how, given the lack of a functioning central nervous system. Are inhabitants of Hell made to work for Satan? If so, what is Satan’s job? And what does the work entail? Is it like a prison chain gang, where rocks are broken and piled only to be knocked over and piled again? It doesn’t seem like this is a productive use of Satan’s workforce. Where is hell? Is it near the core of the Earth? If so, how does one retain any moisture in the body at 7,000 degrees Kelvin?

What’s Hell like in your mind?


9 Responses to Fear Based Motivation

  1. rick says:

    NB: UM, before i give my THOUGHTS… when you feel emotional pain – which limb feels it, can you locate it??? when you feel physical pain – it can be located. EMOTIONAL PAIN IS A ‘STATE.’

    your path to hell may be wonderful. it may not. i THINK for atheists, who have chosen to be hard hearted… i think the time before hell will be like they at a wonderful prize giving ceremony and as they go to receive their trophy, the red carpet will be pulled and there will be no floor beneath your feat, then you PANIC. FEAR. SWEAT. like an airplane rushing towards the twin towers, and as you think you going to collide, you not so lucky, as it swerves and takes you on another ride downwards or UPWARDS but at such a speed you unable to breathe… your entire being is now FROZEN in fear. the ride goes on FOREVER and ever amen. hell i believe does NOT exist physically. the fire is symbolic of the burning you will ‘feel’ in your SPIRIT. eternal separation from God. then when you realize this, it will be worse than anything i have described. hell can START on earth, and end if you choose to leave your lying atheism. it can start on earth and continue when you leave your body & NOTHING on earth will be like hell THATZ WHY ITZ HELL! itz not earth, itz not ‘heaven.’ itz HELL. i swing between such grieving and irritation for hard hearts who choose HELL. those people HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HELL WILL BE LIKE. NO CHRISTIAN WHO USES FEAR TACTICS CAN EVEN BEGIN TO PRETEND TO TELL YOU WHAT HELL IS. if they try, they just using their own imagination. THE REMORSE AND GRIEVING WILL BE LIKE NOTHING YOU KNEW ON EARTH. YOU WONT HAVE MOTHER EARTH TO SUPPORT YOU IN ANY WAY, OR GOD’S GRACE, BECAUSE YOU BLATANTLY REJECTED IT OUT OF YOUR OWN PRIDE. matter CANNOT be destroyed, so if YOU do or don’t become spirit you will still be around in ‘some form,’ whether your BODY decomposes or is cremated.


  2. Scott says:

    Hell is just a sick and twisted fantasy of religious people. I am not sure if it depicts their secret darkest desires of S&M or their fears of it. If you were to tell a child that there is such a thing as heaven and hell and reverse the norm of what children are now taught you would have a whole generation of Satan worshiping people. My “heart is not hardened” perhaps it is Christians heads that are hardened, filled with this filth for so long that reason and logic can not penetrate it any longer.

    Show me ample evidence that there is a god (any god will do) and I will believe. I at that point might not choose to worship it but I will believe it exists.

  3. God Isn't says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how I could possibly exist without a functioning brain.

  4. MrMarkAZ says:

    I want to know how Christians who claim that evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics maintain a belief in a place of fire everlasting. Or how the soul, the immaterial soul, which has neither mass nor volume nor measurable energy output, much less a single neuron, can feel pain.

    Personally, I think Hell would be having to lie prostrate at the foot of [G]od, lowing with songs of praise like the humble cow, while at the same time gazing up at His Wrathful Beneficence. Talk about having a pain in the neck.

  5. I read your blog for a long time and should tell that your posts are always valuable to readers.

  6. Matt says:

    Rick, the utter silliness and fear-mongering contained within your submission disgusts me. Religion is a plague upon Earth. The churches of old used to tell stories like yours to accumulate followers.

  7. Matt says:

    Oh, and Rick, “hard hearts” is an assumption on your part. Fundamentalist asshat.

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  9. Steven says:

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