What is The Great Realization?

TheGreatRealization.com is a blog dedicated to atheist issues in America. Topics covered range from separation of church and state issues to religious fundamentalism to civil liberties as they concern non-religious people. The Great Realization is the phrase that I use to describe the current movement in America wherein atheism is being talked about more than ever before.

I believe the freedom of information that the Internet allows the world is freeing people to think for themselves. Answers that were once inaccessible are now easily found in a matter of seconds. As people are able to explain more about their world, the more curious they become. Knowledge breeds a hunger for more knowledge. While recent prominent authors and celebrities such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris have certainly helped bring atheism into the spotlight, it would not have happened without a base of people to listen to them and read their books. I think the accessibility of information is the catalyst breeding more atheism.

The author of TheGreatRealization.com, I’m an entertainer and marketing professional in Ohio. I love the Ohio State Buckeyes and buffalo wings.

I hope that you enjoy my blog.




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