Woman Wants to Know Why Atheist Men Are Single

January 1, 2008

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Catholic Dean Hates Skateboarders – Goes “On Leave”

August 1, 2007

CNN reports that the Catholic Dean seen in a popular YouTube video saying nasty things and yelling at skateboarders has been put on leave. Here’s the video:

Maybe he’s mad at these young boys because they didn’t succumb to his lustful advances? Maybe the priest had a son that denied Catholicism and became a skateboarder? We can’t know for sure what fire rages inside this man but I particularly think his fury becomes unleashed in the quote:

“…by the sperm of all these boys that fuck you!”

It reminds me of the He-Man battle cry “…by the power of Grayskull!”

Other notable quotes:

“fuck off!”

“get off the property you fucking cunts!”

“get back to where you came from you….sfool….you don’t belong in Australia…you have no right to be here!”

“move you fucking fool!”

“get off the property you fucking fool!”


“how’s your asshole so sore by being fucked by all these cunts!”
(oh, the irony)

“little foreigner there, look at the…seedy eyes, black hair”

“and look at you, four eyes!”


“fucking cunt!”

Now, granted, these punks were being fucktards, but we still find it funny how this peaceful priest handles the situation. I think he may have been bullied as a child.

Here’s an example of how the situation could have been handled:

John Edwards Confused About Role of Religion in Policy Making

July 24, 2007

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In the CNN/YouTube Debate last night, Rev. Reggie Longcrier confronted John Edwards about his opposition to Gay Marriage and how it was influenced by his religion. Watch:

First of all – great question! John Edwards answered by saying his religious beliefs would be independent from the policy he makes. But by opposing gay marriage and citing his religious beliefs as the reason, he’s already proven that to be a lie.

Louis CK Learns About Catholicism

July 18, 2007

Thanks to Russell’s Teapot

Bush Administration Using Religious Ideology to Lie to Americans

July 11, 2007

Many Americans are frustrated that Christian based concepts of what the Bush Administration calls a “culture of life” is too blind to situational affects and can in fact result in more harm than good. A blind call to “let God take care of it” disrespects the human progress that has been made in the medical field in the last century.


Two of these topics are abstinence-only education and emergency contraception — two issues that we now know the Bush administration does not want you to know the truth about. Associated Press reports that “President Bush’s most recent surgeon general accused the administration Tuesday of muzzling him for political reasons on hot-button health issues such as emergency contraception and abstinence-only education.”

Carmona said he believed the surgeon general should show leadership on health issues. But his speeches were edited by political appointees, and he was told not to talk about certain issues. For example, he supported comprehensive sex education that would include abstinence in the curriculum, rather than focusing solely on abstinence.

“However, there was already a policy in place that didn’t want to hear the science, but wanted to — quote, unquote — ‘preach abstinence,’ which I felt was scientifically incorrect,” Carmona said.

This is just another instance of the Bush Administration hiding real scientific results from the American people in order to promote their religious-right wing agenda and the views of their religion.

According to ThinkProgress:

On Thursday, the Senate will consider the nomination of Dr. James Holsinger to be the next Surgeon General. Perhaps not surprisingly, Bush has this time nominated someone who has repeatedly put ideology over sound science, peddling views of homosexuality that have been rejected by the medical community.

See Carmona’s hearing here:

Jesus Condoms

June 21, 2007

via The Friendly Atheist

ChristianCondoms.com offers condoms with biblical sayings on the wrapper and ripping you off while doing it! The website, whose mottos are “WhoWJD” and “Study the Word Long and Hard,” is just one more racket in the list of people making money from religion.
christian condom
christian condom
christian condom

For $2.23 a pop, let’s hope they hold up!

Christian Sex ToyThese people should go into business with the Bottled Holy Water people or perhaps the Christian Sex Toy company. Look, I’m all for making a buck. I’m a capitalist just like the next guy, but something seems just incredibly wrong with making a buck through the fear of eternal damnation.

More Than 2,300 Hong Kong Residents Protest the Bible as Indecent

May 21, 2007

From http://www.earthtimes.org:

Hong Kong- More than 2,300 Hong Kong residents have lodged complaints about indecent and sexually explicit material in the Bible in a bizarre campaign to restrict sales of the Christian holy book. Hong Kong’s publications watchdog has received an avalanche of complaints about tales of incest, rape, cannibalism and violence in the Bible since the website truthbible.net began urging people to file complaints.bible indecent

However, the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority said it will not act on the complaints as it considers the Bible to be “a religious text, which is part of civilization.”

Now the website says it may raise the issue with Hong Kong’s public ombudsman on the grounds that the “abnormal sex and violence” described in the Bible is at odds with the moral standards of people in the former British colony.

If the campaign succeeds, the Bible could technically have its sales restricted in Hong Kong in the same way that pornographic magazines must be sold in sealed packages and to only those over age 18. The motive for the campaign is unclear.

The number of complaints lodged against the Bible with the licensing authority is the highest received since a magazine last year ran pictures of a semi-naked female pop star changing backstage at a concert in Malaysia.

Hong Kong, which has a population of 6.9 million people, is home to around 250,000 Catholics, including Beijing-appointed chief executive Donald Tsang, and around 60,000 Anglican Christians.