British Citizen Calls for Atheists to “Stand Up and Be Counted”

June 18, 2007

In a “Comment is Free” article for the Guardian, Adam Rutherford calls for British citizens to stand up against Government-Sponsored Religious Dogma.


Mercifully, although many of our politicians may be openly religious, Britain’s political landscape is such that candidates do not have to be overtly religious to even stand a chance of election. There is even a cross-party Humanist Group. Compare that to the US, where in 2006 atheists were not represented in Congress at all. Perversely, the US has secularity protected by the constitution, whereas we Brits are subjects of the Defender of the Faith. But as Andrew Copson pointed out, the UK is moving at a menacingly creeping pace towards a government that is in thrall to religion.

The indoctrination that occurs at the ever-increasing faith schools can only promote the mistrust of atheists, and move us towards the deplorable situation in North America, where a 2006 survey revealed that atheists rank lower than “Muslims, recent immigrants, gays and lesbians and other minority groups in ‘sharing their vision of American society’.”


The Atheist’s Bible

June 18, 2007

The Atheist’s Bible
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Read a review here.

Women Are Losers According to Islam

May 29, 2007


I have commented in the past about the heroic efforts of Ayaan Hirsi Ali to expose Islam for what it is. Here is an article about Ali.

AS A small girl, Ayaan Hirsi Ali was forcibly circumcised with a pair of scissors. She was then sewn up with a piece of twine “to keep her chaste”.

In the world in which she then lived, Ali was not alone: according to a 2000 World Health Organisation fact sheet, the number of Muslim girls and women who underwent genital mutilation was estimated to be between 100 million and 140 million.

The practice is widespread in the predominantly Islamic countries of Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia — her homeland — but does not occur universally throughout the Islamic world.

“Islam is a totalitarian doctrine that puts women in a position that no other totalitarian doctrine, not even communism, not even Nazism, did,” Ali alleges. “In Islam, women come off the worst.”

The author will give the final keynote address at the close of the Sydney Writers Festival on Sunday.

Ali’s reputation precedes her: after fleeing Somalia and arriving in the Netherlands, she studied politics at Leiden University and became a member of the Dutch parliament.

In 2004 Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who directed Submission, which depicts women living under Islam, was shot dead in daylight on an Amsterdam street by a Muslim fanatic. Ali had written the script for Submission. Pinned to van Gogh’s chest — with a knife — was a diatribe in which the killer announced that Ali would be next.

The superimposition of the text of the Koran onto the body of a naked woman (pictured above) was just one of many elements of Submission that outraged conservative Muslims.

The drama did not stop there. In the fall-out it was revealed that Ali had lied about her name and date of birth on her asylum application. The subsequent row over whether she could keep her Dutch passport culminated in the resignation of the Dutch government after the junior partner withdrew from the ruling coalition.

Ali left the Netherlands for the US, where she is a member of the right-wing American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research in Washington.

She is also the author of two bestsellers, a series of essays titled The Caged Virgin and Infidel, her autobiography.

In both works Ali unflinchingly attacks the Koran’s “seventh century … jihadi bullshit” and what she calls its refusal to engage with modernity and its profoundly disturbing sexism.

Tasneem Chopra, from the Islamic Women’s Welfare Council, is among the many Australian Muslims who questions Ali’s interpretation of the faith. “Genital mutilation is not an Islamically sanctioned practice, this is the majority view of Muslims — and we are 1.2 billion people across the world. Where it occurs it is an amalgam of culture in the name of religion.”

Ms Chopra said Ali had a right to freedom of speech but used her “own personal tragedy to make broad, salacious generalisations” against Islam.

Hanifa Deen, a Melbourne author and Muslim feminist, said Ali had obviously been “deeply psychologically scarred by what happened to her as a child” and was right to speak out against female circumcision.

“One has to resist these cruel, tribal customs which are performed by misguided Muslims and Christians in some East African societies. We should not allow them to continue under religious or cultural pretexts,” she said.

“Sadly, Ali is alienating many Muslim women in the West, forcing them into defensive positions. In reality, change is happening throughout the Islamic world. Who is really Ali’s audience?”

Brownback Supporters Denounce Heliocentrism

May 22, 2007


Republican Presidential Candidate, Sam Brownback is a hardcore fundamentalist Christian. In being so, his base is extremely wacky. The Phayngula blog reports that there’s a lot of buzz regarding Brownback supporters’ blogs denouncing Heliocentrism, the idea that the Earth revolves around the sun.

I support the Bible, and I don’t want my children learning about Heliocentrism in school. I think this doctrine encourages atheism, Darwinism, and anti-Americanism. I don’t want my tax dollars going to finance this kind of false science. It’s complete rot, and I hope that those of us who come to realize this can ultimately prevail against its propogation amongst OUR children with the money from OUR salaries.

I can’t wait to hear from the moonbats and the Darwinists and the other rubes on this one, though. Go on, witch doctors. Preach to me how the planet hurtles through the ether, Scriptural and physical evidence to the contrary! Your false doctrines will be cast down on the day when America rediscovers its Christian roots. That is a promise.

Do you think this is a blog dedicated to cleverly smearing Brownback through subtle satire, a la and Landover Baptist Church? Could be. But taking a moment to read through blogs promoted on Brownback’s own campaign site, one can see that he readily will promote the throwing of scientific theories out the window in lieu of God:

Science only requires “Reasonable Belief” to put something in our textbooks as theory. Patterns within our observable universe point to design beyond chance. It would take a miracle from God himself to convince non-believers that patterns statistically beyond random chance that prove an “Intelligent Designer” to be behind the creation of gravity. Maybe this miracle, or series of miracles has already happened. Belief in a Higher Power taught to our school children will increase discipline in our public schools, thus increase our economy. Reasonable belief that gravity had to have come from an “Intelligent Designer” is just the kind of miracle that America needs.

Blogs supported on his site also reveal an ambition to promote an official religion of the state.

Also, don’t forget, Brownback was one of the three Republican Presidential Candidates who confessed they do not believe in evolution.

Here’s an interesting video about that.

More Than 2,300 Hong Kong Residents Protest the Bible as Indecent

May 21, 2007


Hong Kong- More than 2,300 Hong Kong residents have lodged complaints about indecent and sexually explicit material in the Bible in a bizarre campaign to restrict sales of the Christian holy book. Hong Kong’s publications watchdog has received an avalanche of complaints about tales of incest, rape, cannibalism and violence in the Bible since the website began urging people to file indecent

However, the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority said it will not act on the complaints as it considers the Bible to be “a religious text, which is part of civilization.”

Now the website says it may raise the issue with Hong Kong’s public ombudsman on the grounds that the “abnormal sex and violence” described in the Bible is at odds with the moral standards of people in the former British colony.

If the campaign succeeds, the Bible could technically have its sales restricted in Hong Kong in the same way that pornographic magazines must be sold in sealed packages and to only those over age 18. The motive for the campaign is unclear.

The number of complaints lodged against the Bible with the licensing authority is the highest received since a magazine last year ran pictures of a semi-naked female pop star changing backstage at a concert in Malaysia.

Hong Kong, which has a population of 6.9 million people, is home to around 250,000 Catholics, including Beijing-appointed chief executive Donald Tsang, and around 60,000 Anglican Christians.

Hitchens on Falwell

May 18, 2007

Jerry Falwell Dead

May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell

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