South Carolina Students’ Opinions on Evolution vs. Creation Education

The Charlotte Observer polled South Carolina students on whether they think Evolution should be taught in school. Here are some of the opinions:

Damien McCorkle, 15, North Stanly High School, New London: Since I come from a Baptist background, of course I believe in creationism. But since evolution versus creationism is such a big deal, I think that the schools should just eliminate it from the curriculum. I know that everyone is arguing over this topic, but people cannot argue without anything to argue about. I also think that if they want to keep this in the curriculum they should teach both sides (since neither one is proven) and let students decide the on the one they believe.


Andrew Mills, 15, North Stanly High School, New London: In my opinion, evolution should be taught in science class and creationism should be taught in English class. Evolution is a scientific theory, so it should stay in the field of science. Science teachers teach what they have to teach and vice-versa. Creationism should stay in the field of English, because it deals with the Bible, a form of literature. Also, I believe that if you teach one of them you should teach both of them.

Brandon Blake, 16, North Stanly High School, New London: I think creation from the Bible should be taught in school instead of evolution. Evolution is the most ridiculous thing that scientist has ever thought of. If we do decide to teach both subjects in school, then we should keep them separate. Evolution could stay in science and creation goes in history since it deals with the Bible.

Julie E. Flanagan, 17, home-schooled, Charlotte: Truth needs to be taught in the classrooms of today. Evolution cannot be backed up scientifically in any sort of realm. While creation might be hard to explain it does have credible and truthful parts to it. Creation by intelligent design is the one and only truth to how the world was made. It doesn’t have to be taught straight from the Bible. But when you look at the facts and results of tests, creation by intelligent design is the only one that stands true and without any holes. Truth should be taught, therefore, I believe creationism should be taught.

Sean Keady, 10, Sandy Ridge Elementary School, Waxhaw: Choosing religion or science has always been a hard decision for me. I have chosen to treat the Torah as something to learn from. Religion should not be taught in public schools. Teachers will favor one religion over another religion or a different type over another type of the same religion. This is a concern for me because I am Jewish and the teacher might be teach a religion, not my religion. Evolution has solid evidence and it should be taught in schools. America is a diverse nation and we should not let the state indoctrinate a religion to children.

Laura Haerri, 13, Smith Academy of International Languages, Charlotte: I think civilization got started by evolution, but everybody has different beliefs. Personally I don’t think the story of creation from the Bible should be taught in science class. Evolution is the scientific version, therefore suitable for science class. The Bible’s depiction of creation is apart of a religion, therefore suitable for a religion class. It could even be taught in social studies, but in a science class there are students of all religions, and it would not be right to say that something that is against their beliefs is the right way. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion though.

Caley Scheppegrell, 13, home-schooled, Charlotte: Evolution should be taught in science class, since it is a theory supported by facts, which is what science is all about. It is only a class, and the students are not required to change their ideas according to the textbooks. They are still free to think or believe anything they would like to.

Is it me, or are the younger kids more on-the-money here?


6 Responses to South Carolina Students’ Opinions on Evolution vs. Creation Education

  1. garymurning says:

    Frankly, this is terrifying. I knew it was bad, but this really brings home the full extent of the problem and the sheer stupidity of the people indoctrinating/brainwashing these kids.

  2. wwyoud says:

    Q: A fifth of Americans can’t locate the United States on a world map. Why do you think this is?
    A: because don’t have maps help South Africa and the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future for our children (paraphrased)-by Miss SC Teen USA, who graduated with a 3.5 GPA and was a varsity athlete and student leader.

    The younger kids seem more informed, but it’s probably just a fluke; although the fundy churches do tend to teach more “real-life” issues with the HS-age children. I’m glad there’s a mix of respondents and answers, though. As a parent of a high-school senior, it seems that evolution isn’t discussed very much in the science classes – much like human sexuality. I think the results would be similar nationally, not just in the bible belt.

  3. theism says:

    It’s not as bad as all that … I don’t believe in the internet, but I’m still using it to tell you that. 😉

    ‘What Would You Do’ is right, that evolution isn’t covered very throughly in science classes, but I think there’s a less sinister reason. It’s the assumption built into everything else we know of biology. ( I hope ) We don’t spend much time in the realm of science trying to convince people of evolution for the same reason we ignore claims about a faked moon landing.

  4. Jesus Christ says:

    Evolution and Creation does not matter. The world’s population is now 6.8 Billion people. Experts predict that by the year 2050 the world’s population will be 9.1 Billion people. That is an increase of 2.3 Billion people in just 41 years. If there’s poverty, starvation, global warming and a hole in the ozone layer now, what do you think it will be like in 500 years? Over population is simply destroying the earth and the ozone layer. So I strongly suggest that you stop creating and tell your children when they grow up not to create. If you have to, take them to a doctor and have something done to prevent them from reproducing. The world will either be destroyed by nuclear war or over population. “STOP CREATING”!!!!!

  5. thewordofme says:

    Those poor students. Seems most of them think there is at least some truth to creationism or intelligent design. Since they are from South Carolina they will probably end up believing all the lies of evangelical fundamentalism and be impaired their whole life.

    Religion needs to be taught in church or at home, NOT in publicly funded schools. Only evangelical fundamentalist Christians want THEIR religion taught in school…not Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, or the Jews…they want to push these religions away and teach that ONLY fundamentalist Christians have the truth.

    But, what can you expect…it’s the Southern mentality.

  6. Mytwocentsworth says:

    Evoltuion should be taught in school, and creationism at home. I think the Pastafarians made a great point in the “You have to include religion” aspect of things.

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