TGR Commenter Offers Atheists Television Spot

In a comment to my post “Holy Shit,” Randy let us know:

I guess people just came from nothing….yeah, that makes sense, nothing caused everything to evolve. Brainless waste of time this is to claim there is no God. There is a TV program in VA and NC that would gladly have you as their quest to prove this nonsense you are promoting. If you know of any atheist that would take this offer, please send them my way. We will provide them with free airtime to make these claims and glady debate them on this…..we have done it many times and nobody is willing to do anything but blog about it….come on TV and debate this nonsense

First of all, Randy – there’s a reason no one will debate you. You’re not open to the debate. It’s not a neutral debate by any means and therefore would be ridiculous. Even in the recently televised debate between the Rational Responders and TV’s Mike Seaver, the debate came across horribly boring. One side stated their opinions as the absolute truth, then the other side stated theirs. Meanwhile, neither side listened to the other. In your comment, you ask an atheist to “prove” there is no god. How exactly does one prove a lack of existence in something? (Why doesnt god heal amputees?) Can you prove that the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist? Can you prove that psychic phenomenon doesn’t exist? Aliens? UFO’s? Zeus? Santa? Tooth Fairy? How does one go about it?

Just to be fair, I’ve posted your request on several athiest message boards in case anyone would like to hold you to your one-sided “debate.”


3 Responses to TGR Commenter Offers Atheists Television Spot

  1. garymurning says:

    I, frankly, could never consider “debating” this issue with someone like Randy when he clearly doesn’t grasp that “people just came from nothing” is just plain wrong. The Universe came from nothing, but evolution of earth-based life is a completely seperate matter. They are different problems with different, FACT-BASED solutions. That apart, the use of terns such as “Brainless waste of time this is to claim there is no God” and “prove this nonsense you are promoting” kinda suggests that they are odious little people who wouldn’t know a real debate if it bit them on the arse.

  2. garymurning says:

    NB: I meant to write that “the Universe came from nothing but a dense, hot state”…

  3. Davidd12345 says:

    Hey, can you list those sites you’ve posted his request on? I wanna see what the responses are.

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