Woman Wants to Know Why Atheist Men Are Single

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7 Responses to Woman Wants to Know Why Atheist Men Are Single

  1. nimbu says:

    There could be a number of reasons why hot atheists are single. Here are just a few reasons:

    1. Religious people feel that premarital sex is bad; therefore, the obvious cure for this is to get married. Religious women always want to take the next step as quickly as possible. Ask any guy out there: It’s usually within 4 moths of serious dating that women want to know about marital intent. They may not come out and ask, but guys know.
    2. Hot guys, religious or not, are just playing the field?
    3. Atheists are very open minded individuals that tend to buck the system. Marriage may appear to be just another system created by “the man” (and/or religion)
    4. It could be that they’re just picky
    5. It could also be that you’re just falling for hot, atheist, single guys, for the sole reason: they’re hot, single, atheist guys!


  2. robber.baron says:

    I think the number one reason why atheists are more often single is that they are working from a seriously diminished segment of the population. I know that although I don’t necessarily discriminate against believers when making dating choices that a strong religious zealotry is extremely undesirable to me and a more benign compartmentalization is unfavored.

    Thus if only 10% of the population is considered nonbelievers, then one is limited within that 10% of persons to find someone who fits all their other requirements for dating.

    I know from personal experience that having a partner state something akin to, “I know God brought us together for a reason,” is highly grating and difficult to swallow.

    Ultimately though I figure it is why there are a lot of single gay men. When you are working with a smaller subset of a population you are automatically forced to overcome the limited selection which is hard.

  3. Mike says:

    Was anyone else inexplicably reminded of Stewie Griffin when he’s making fun of Brian’s lack of progress on his novel?

    Aside from that, what you guys said.

  4. Al says:

    Perhaps most women want to be worshiped and Atheist men don’t like to do it. Also I believe there are more atheist men than atheist women. Plus marriage is mostly a religious institution, so atheists avoid it.

  5. magikent says:


    Can you provide some reasoning behind your claims? Why do atheist men avoid marriage? I am married and I am an atheist. All the atheists I know are married. I’d like to know your reasoning.

  6. James says:

    I can’t speak for Atheist men in general, but as an Atheist African man, I’m at an extremely disadvantaged point when it comes to marital or even dating options. If only about 10% of Americans are atheists, it’s probably fair to say that only 0.0001% of Africans are Atheists. That said, finding the right gal in such a minuscule sample will be difficult to say the least.

  7. magikent says:

    James – are you completely ruling out marrying someone who is not an atheist?

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