Don’t Let Them Re-Write History

Came across a really good letter to the editor written in the Concord Monitor. It’s brief but very well written.

One of my legion disagreements with the so-called “Christian” right is their persistent and pernicious attempts to rewrite history.

Mr. Vendt certainly forgot his American history (“They came for the glory of God,” Monitor letter, Dec. 28). In no way were the Pilgrims our founding fathers. Aye, they came for their own religious freedom – which they denied for anyone who didn’t follow their beliefs. Their sons staged the horrific witch trials, jailed and hanged Quakers, exiled Roger Williams for “heresy,” and denied Catholics and others any rights, period. Viewed from another angle, they were a part of the brutal European invasions of Cem-Anáhuac – the Americas.

It took a century and a half and particularly the Enlightenment to produce our founding fathers. They were mainly Deists who were raised Anglican or Episcopalian-offshoot, who clearly saw the inherent dangers in combining church and state. The one who most insisted on separation, Thomas Jefferson, was also a founder of the Unitarian faith.

Our country happens to be inhabited primarily by Christians in their many sects. It was not founded as a post-Revolutionary “Christian” nation, which by definition is exclusionary and has no equality of rights.

These carping Christians are not “threatened” by real issues. Their paranoid dwelling on non-issues as the “Christian” nation, Christmas arguments, atheism, civil unions, and such, really displays their divisiveness and weakness in their own faith and beliefs, unlike those who are strong and well-versed in their faiths. Go back and review your own tenets, and contemplate how one might live with the Earth rather than against the neighbors.



Thank you, Citizen Hale. We need more people to remind Americans of these truths – truths that the Christian right has hijacked in an effort to re-write history.

What have YOU done to keep them from doing so?


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