Satirical Web Site Gets Taken Seriously

The clever satire on the web site,, has been taken seriously by one Christian website, Cross Nation. The Christian site dedicated to “Bringing Civilization to the Internet” thinks that some people might be confused and actually believe some of the things on, so they make a handy list clearing up the facts. The result is actually something that is not all that different from the satire on! It’s a funny read, and certainly not meant to be so. Here’s their explanation:

This section is dedicated to detailing the many misrepresentations of Fundamentalist Christianity found at the satirical website known as or The “Terms of Use” link at the bottom of the homepage of does have a disclaimer acknowledging that Landover Baptist is fictitious, yet no effort has as yet been made by either critics or the website itself to show the disparities between fact and fiction.

Below is a chart, put in rough alphabetical order, showing in the left column what claims Fundamentalists believe and showing in the right column what Fundamentalists really believe in their own words.

And here’s a couple excerpts from their list:

  • What claims
    Fundamentalists believe.
    • Afterlife

    You are probably asking yourself, “Why will Jesus be removing our reproductive organs and teats before we get to Heaven?” Well, my dear lady, the answer is quite simple. In Heaven, there’ll simply be no need for genitals. My guess is that the Lord is pretty disgusted after having to watch His creatures hump away on each other for the last 4,000 years. I know I’d be! Think of it this way, Jesus and His Daddy have been sitting up there in Heaven watching the longest pornographic film ever made, and frankly, they are no longer amused.
    news0704/grandpa.html, accessed 06/20/07)

  • What Fundamentalists
    Believe in their own words.
    • Afterlife

    “Will our resurrection bodies have sex organs? Since men will be men, and women will be women, and since there will be direct continuity between the old bodies and the new, there’s every reason to believe they will.”
    (Alcorn, Randy Heaven Wheaton, Illonois: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 2004 p.339.)

  • What claims
    Fundamentalists believe.
    • Cinema: LOTR: The Two Towers

    This time around, you don’t have to be a Bible Scholar or a Creation Scientist to see that The Two Towers are giant structures built to glorify and honor the aroused genitalia of two of the most powerful evil beings in the movie. The imagery is kept discrete only by the merciful fact that both creatures are uncircumcised – otherwise the shape of two enormous, throbbing purple penis heads would have been staring every moviegoer in the face! The citizens of Middle Earth pick which penis they like best and head toward it. (
    /news1202/twotowers.html, accessed 03/15/07)

  • What Fundamentalists
    Believe in their own words.
    • Cinema: LOTR: The Two Towers

    Families who felt so-so about the violence of Fellowship should be aware that things get darker and more intense here. No more frolicking in the Shire. The scenic splendor of Rivendell gives way to slithering sidekicks and hordes of invading beasts. (Thank goodness for John Rhys-Davies, who provides much-needed comic relief as Gimli the Dwarf.) If things truly are darkest before dawn, director Peter Jackson has gone all out to set up an unbelievably bright “dawn” in act three, next year’s Return of the King. From a storytelling perspective, that makes sense. After all, The Empire Strikes Back was the most foreboding film in the original Star Wars trilogy. But the often dreary onslaught here may be more than some families want to endure (this is not a film for children). (
    /movies/movies/a0000116.cfm, accessed 03/17/07)

    7 Responses to Satirical Web Site Gets Taken Seriously

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    2. It’s always good to know that people are reading the content of my website. I feel happy to know that at least one person online takes Cross Nation seriously enough to have an entire blog entry with my work as the subject.

      Although I would request some empathy here: after all, if there was a highly successful satirical website named “” and it portrayed non-theists in a very negative light wouldn’t you attempt to set the record straight?

      Maybe I just can’t take a joke. By the way, thank you for reminding me to add more examples of disparity to the Exposed webpage in the near future. I appreciate it.

    3. magikent says:

      You are correct. You’re not getting the joke. Thanks for visiting my web site!

    4. Magikent says:

      Wow magikent, this is your blog? What a loser 🙂

    5. Jayson says:

      Hmm..atheist??? Lame.

      Check this out:

      I bet you can dispute all miracles too?

      “An atheist can’t find GOD for the same reason a thief can’t find the police”

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