Canadian Poll Claims Atheists Less Likely to “Do Good”

In a poll conducted by Reggie Bibby of The University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, the assertion is made that atheists are less likely to do good. This is just the latest in the Christian’s “defense” on what they believe is a “War on Christianity.” One can tell a pretty obvious bias from Bibby’s statements and comments regarding the poll.

Here’s what the Baptist Press has to say about the study:poll

Is it necessary to believe in God in order to have solid personal values? A new survey seems to answer that question with a “yes.”

The survey by a pollster at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, found that adults who profess a belief in God are significantly more likely than atheists to say that forgiveness, patience, generosity and a concern for others are “very important.” In fact, the poll found that on 11 of 12 values, there was a double-digit gap between theists and atheists, with theists more likely to label each value “very important.”

The survey by sociologist and pollster Reginald Bibby examined the beliefs of 1,600 Canadians, 82 percent who said they believed in “God or a higher power” and 18 percent who said they did not.

The poll was released as an aggressive branch of atheism is getting increasing attention. Led in part by authors Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris as well as by the so-called Blasphemy Project, the new combative form of atheism argues that society would be better off in a “God-less world.” The research — while not addressing any specific authors or groups — seems to claim otherwise. The poll was conducted in 2005 and released Oct. 8.

“To the extent that Canadians say good-bye to God, we may find that we pay a significant social price,” Bibby said in a press release.

The Ottawa Citizen took the poll results seriously, asserting in an editorial that “declining religious affiliation could be accompanied by a decline in civility.”

“Clergy and theologians have long argued something similar, namely, that without formal religion it is hard for society to maintain and perpetrate ethical behaviour,” the editorial stated. “Of course, clergy are not the most objective analysts in these matters. Bibby, however, speaks as an academic. …

“Bibby’s research suggests that as religiosity declines, we start to travel blind — and society pays a price,” the editorial continued. “Religious affiliation, apparently, has a civilizing function. We become socialized at church. The fear, then, is that as we separate ourselves from these institutions, social harmony could suffer.”

“To the extent that Canadians say good-bye to God, we may find that we pay a significant social price,” Bibby said in a press release.” ????

What an incredibly scientific and non-biased thing for the CONDUCTOR of this research to say!

I’m glad at least there are some Canadians who can see through this so-called “research.”


6 Responses to Canadian Poll Claims Atheists Less Likely to “Do Good”

  1. Oy. I’d say pay him no mind. He’s from Alberta, our version of the bible belt. That said, the study may be correct; theist may say that they take all these things to be more important. That doesn’t mean that they actually embody these things, it just means they say they do.

    However, if true, this study points to atheists being the type of people with no patience for putting up with crap. Hooray for snark.

  2. Axel says:

    Of course Christians are going to vote that they have more morals. Atheists and other religions are just more honest and don’t fear that if they don’t say that those things are important then a strike of lightening will smite them.

    It’s so easy to vote saying you find something important… but it doesn’t mean they actually act it. It’s all talk, because Christians believe their communication is monitored.

  3. Matt says:

    Its difficult to reach any conclusion when the table is incomplete…

    The question to which the responses are formed is “which on the list below are very important virtues?” If the table was either complete or truely balanced then some of the the atheist responses would be higher than those of the believers.

    This article is ridiculous.

  4. This isn’t surprising. Atheists are quite pathetic people. They feel their life has no true purpose. They feel their parent’s lives have no true purpose. They feel their own children’s lives have no true purpose. They’re miserable people. And they’re so jealous of anyone who does have belief that their life has purpose, that it leads to hate, which leads to attacks.

    Atheism was responsible for Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Columbine – I could go on and on. It must be stopped before it’s too late.

  5. Henry says:

    It’s Reginald W. Bibby – not Reggie Bibby.
    His numerous research studies are very credible.
    He was awarded the Order of Canada.

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