Is This Video Telling the Truth?

Who knows about Mormonism? Is this story the truth?


4 Responses to Is This Video Telling the Truth?

  1. kel says:

    it is true – sort of. an embellishment, i suppose, but that’s the mormon doctrine. however, it’s not much crazier than christianity, if you really think about it.

  2. Moroni says:

    All true. South Park had an episode which laid out all these and more beliefs of Mormons. All true as well, but funny. YouTube it!

  3. C. L. Hanson says:

    Essentially yes. Sometimes it’s hard to pin them down on the precise details, but that’s basically it.

    Some of the points (such as Jesus being a polygamist) are kind of disputed among Mormons…

  4. Wag says:

    They got most of it right. The interviews at the end tell a powerful story, too. Many Mormon families are broken up because of the lack of conformity by one of the spouses.

    Very sad.

    I used to be a Mormon and I was very fortunate to discover the fallacies of it. Even more fortunate that my wife left it with me.


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