Is the World Flat? Daytime TV Windbags Want to Know.

Recently Sherri Shephard, co-host of ABC’s The View, was asked by Whoopi Goldberg “Is the world flat?” I’m pretty sure Whoopi was asking the question rhetorically, but Shephard didn’t understand this and started to answer the question academically. “Is the world flat?” repeated Shephard, “I don’t know.” She went on to explain it’s not important if the world is flat or round because what’s important is that she feeds her kids. Man, I hope her kids don’t want to grow up to be astronauts or geologists.

The View is great because it reflects the real life stupidity of Americans and delivers it to us in a convenient hour-long package. Some of the senseless ramblings that occur on this show are beyond belief.

Sherri wouldn’t make a very good contestant on Jeopardy, as she explained the next day on the program that she got confused due to the pressure. Since she was nervous from being asked a question in public, instead of “Is the Earth round or flat?” she heard, “How many triglycerides does it take to make pluto when the robutussin comes and the earth’s sun.” Man, her hearing must get really fucked up when she’s nervous! I’ve never heard anyone on Jeopardy confuse 1st grade science with cough medicine. Roll that beautiful bean footage:

Moral of the story. Memorize this clip. The next time ANYONE backs an argument with “Oh yeah? Well on the view, so and so said such and such,” you can pretty much tell them to go walk off the edge of the Earth.


One Response to Is the World Flat? Daytime TV Windbags Want to Know.

  1. vjack says:

    The world could be flat, and American could be a Christian nation. I sure would like to see us pay public school teachers what they’re worth.

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