Zeitgeist Movie Reels In The Crazies

In June, I posted a video that I found interesting. I never claimed the video profound, or attempted to support the video in any other way than asking viewers to take a few moments to watch it and make up their own minds. Since then, the video has been bringing hundreds, and on some days thousands of visitors to The Great Realization every day. While I appreciate the support and certainly appreciate the traffic, only a third of the movie really appeals to anything that this site is about.

The makers of the film, which is claimed to be largely plagiarized from other conspiracy movies, continued to lurk in the shadows, not seemingly proud of what they had created. Their excuse for doing so was that they had received death threats.

Over a hundred comments flooded the post with a bunch of people who apparently didn’t read the post, but simply looked at the video and were too busy or blind to read the accompanying words. Commenters asked me for a DVD of the video. Some asked for foreign translations. Some even asked for copies to show to classrooms of children, never bothering to realize that I am simply a blogger who posted a video from Google Videos!

I was okay with all the hub-bub and traffic until a man claiming to be one of the video’s makers started posting his rants in the comments section of the post. With that, one can see a troubled, disturbed and deeply paranoid conspiracy theorist who becomes incredibly defensive and is not someone this site would like to endorse.

This is not a blog about conspiracy theories, government cover-ups or anything of the sort. Does that stuff interest me? Yes. I occasionally will entertain a movie or documentary about that kind of thing, but I don’t obsess over it and this blog has nothing to do with it.

If you’d like to learn all the facts/lies about religion and its origin, you can do so in many places on the web. I was happy that this movie, in it’s first third, had attempted to do so in one place. But if this guy posting comments really has anything to do with the movie like he says, I have absolutely no interest in promoting this film any longer. I have closed down the comments section of the post and am considering removing the post altogether. Until then, you can read the comments here.

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