And The Idiotic Comment Award Goes To…

Every once in awhile I see a comment that I feel deserves some sort of response. I usually hold back from commenting on comments, as my intentions are not to get into Internet arguments, but to simply run this blog and provide content interesting to the Atheist community. However, this one is a doozy!


The following comment is from our Gullible Is Not In The Dictionary post:

The one thing I’ve hated the most out people is lack of respect. Why can’t people respect the decision of one person to believe in something? I respect others beliefs or the fact that some have none.

I have respect for most people in general. What I don’t respect are actions that I don’t agree with, especially if said actions are dictated by religion. Christians have a saying “hate the sin, not the sinner.” It’s like that. I am not tolerant of close-minds. I understand that “faith” in definition is a blind sort of belief that doesn’t require seeking out evidence, and so “having faith” isn’t something that I particularly value. Which brings us to the next part!

As anyone should know, religion is a belief. The dictionary doesn’t say anything about it having to be proven. Why is science solely embraced? Science can’t prove everything. I have no problem with science, it assists us as human beings to understand many of the things around us. I am not gullable. Neither do I have to explain how I feel about whatever I believe in.



Yes, religion is a belief. It’s no different that a belief in Santa and the Easter Bunny — or perhaps the monster that lives under your bed. For some reason, however, this belief is acceptable to be believed by adults through their lives. And while our empirical minds learn to question the Easter Bunny and Santa around the age of 7 or 8, the idea of religion isn’t given the same scrutiny. One could argue, “As anyone should know, Santa is a belief. The dictionary doesn’t say anything about it having to be proven.” Parents go out of their way to put out half eaten cookies and empty milk glasses to “prove” the existence of Santa. These are seen as jovial — but the equally unprovable belief that a ghost sees when you masturbate and makes it ok — that’s taken very seriously.

Also in this paragraph, the commenter immediately contradicts him/herself. If you have “no problem with science,” then why belittle it by asking why it needs to be “solely embraced?” Science doesn’t only “assist us as human beings to understand many of the things around us.” It is the only method of understanding the world. Many people do not understand what science is. They treat it as a religion. It is not “one way” of looking at things. It’s the method we use to explain everything. If you look at something and recognize it as an object that you know and have a name for, guess what? That’s science.

Also, regarding religion not needing to be proven: Isn’t religion often referred to as “the truth?”

I also hate the notion that just because I’m a Christian that I want to impose my beliefs on anyone else, people should be glad they know where I hold myself accountably on issues as a human being. I’m not talking about the issues of morality: abortion, gay marriage, and etc. I’m talking about real life.


In real life, you just don’t realize how your beliefs are imposed upon those without religion because you don’t have the ability to look at the situation from outside. I don’t have any problem with people practicing religion on their own. Some of my best friends “in real life” are deeply religious people. Where I begin to have a problem is when my government — the same government as your government and the same government as a muslim or jewish or hindu American’s government — supports one religion over another. In a country that was designed to be a “melting pot” of cultures, this country must be accepting to all beliefs and or non-beliefs.

Also – to paraphrase: “you’re not talking about the issues morality, you’re talking about real life.” What a ridiculous statement. Morality is real life. Maybe you haven’t taken the time to think about those issues you listed and that’s why you aren’t talking about them. But they’re closely tied with real life and are issues important to this society.

You say “should be glad they know where I hold myself accountably on issues as a human being.” But you don’t hold yourself accountable. If you’re a Christian, you look to a third party to be accountable for your sins. Psss…That’s kinda what Christianity is.

Not everyone, especially politicians, are who they say they are. Those posing as Christians and fall into scandals and lies are not what they truly say they are. They simply say what people want to hear, tell them they’re for God and so on, and aren’t. So I hate when people judge me as a Christian based off someone else. We all have individuality, we are not all the same, no matter what faith or no faith.

Yes, politicians posing as Christians for political gain is pretty despicable. We hate it too. I would have never judged you as a Christian based on someone else. That, in my opinion, would be no less despicable than any other judgement based on a stereotype, be it racial, ethnic, or whatever. I did judge you, however, as soon as you started posting idiotic comments on my web site.

So share my respect. Please. I cherish everyone’s differences, I love that. I love Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Jews, and whoever else.

That’s great. I hope you do.

After you kill off religion, what will be next? Nationalism, Individualism, Free Speech, Idealism, etc? That’s where this will lead. Nazism started with the idea that turned into blind anger for those who they felt were less than them. Germanic superiority>higher intelligence>they forcibly imposed their views on Jews in Europe.

Okay, this is where the comment gets a little weird. The commenter makes a list here, including “free speech,” of things that would be really bad if the country is led there? What? Really? What’s next? The first amendment? Oh NO!!!

The mood of this video, basically implies she is too intelligent to fall for the so-called ‘gimmick/lie’ of religion. As if she really wanted to say, “Everyone else doesn’t have enough intelligence to understand. So we must help them, by any means necessary, to get rid of their non-sense and learn the new way. The true way.”

Hrmmm. This almost kinda sorta sounds like Christianity. “The true way?” hrmmm. Sounds like something I would read on a letterboard in front of a church. The video is posted by a very astute girl asking people to question what they are spoon fed. Just like you questioned Santa when you were little.

Tell me who. Really, tell me who runs this page? Neo-Cons and their New World Order agenda. To kill off any religion, which would lead to any resistance to their new world govt. If you’re part of this movement and are against globalization , you’re apart of it.


Hahaha. This is where the comment gets REALLY weird at the end. First of all I RUN THIS PAGE. If you don’t like it, don’t come back. You can read about who I am at “What is The Great Realization?” Yes, I mistakenly voted for Bush in the last two elections, and if I could take back my vote, I would. I simply hadn’t learned enough I suppose. But that’s about as close as I’ve ever gotten to being a “neo-con.” Yuck, I have to go take a shower after being called that. This comment makes you seem a little crazy paranoid and made me laugh. It made you deserve the Idiotic Comment Award!



22 Responses to And The Idiotic Comment Award Goes To…

  1. Pens says:

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  2. Michaela says:

    What I think I find the funniest about what this person said, is that after she/he said they loved, accepted and respected everyone, at the end she/he said that without Christianity that society will basically fall apart. Isn’t that just a big, fat contradiction?

  3. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  4. veronica says:

    What really stuck in my head as i read this was about the nazis, and the Hate that everyone feels for them, and then we also talk about free speech, “well, holy sshh”, where is the free speech, if we cant say what we feel about- for instance- jews, and how badly they were treated, but at the same time, nobody really talks about the rest of the world- since it was “WORLD WAR”, with more people dying than all the jews put together, plenty of other people were injustly killed, and starved, and brutally treated as well. Why are those people not mentioned over and over again?- for the past 50 some years? Also some people do not hate the Nazis, and they can’t say it, without being hated themselves.. If free speech does exist, why can’t they have their opinions, and not be muted, hated, even if we do not agree with them? I was not yet born, {thankfully} at that time, but i have seen many documentaries as well as spoken to people who did endure the horrors of World War ll, jews as well as none jews, i have total compassion for all of those who survived and those who have parished. i did not write this to disrespect any of the people who have a different view of this particular subject, however, i do have an opinion on things myself, and never really discussed it where so many people could read it. my reason was only to prove that no matter what i feel or not feel about free speech, the “truth” is that we can only use it if we are not scared to be scrutinized for “it”.. especially when it is such a delicate subject that it stirs up a lot of emotions—-hate–not understanding why i say what i say about the subject–total misunderstaning of what i am saying at all.

  5. CP says:

    Religion is the last bastion of the idiot!

  6. wagtail says:

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  7. scott says:

    I’m going to have to agree with basically everyone here, the nazi thing is just the same as the “N” word, stirrs up (hate) but shit, its history, peoples beliefs and ideas have changed since…I guess where I’m going with this is that george bush is a jackass

  8. pizza crust says:

    It falls off the edge for me with the comment “And while our empirical minds learn to question the Easter Bunny and Santa around the age of 7 or 8, the idea of religion isn’t given the same scrutiny”. Not sure what justification there is for that blanket statement. It’s true that there are plenty of people who will just accept what they are told (in religion as well as in other areas of life) – but it’s just as true that there are plenty of people who struggle with their faith and beliefs, look at the hard questions, and have to live with issues that remain unresolved. The assumption in the quoted text appears to be that scrutiny of religious beliefs will inevitably lead to rejecting them. This is true because… what? Because there’s no Easter Bunny…?

    Ultimately, all of this stuff is a matter of faith – in either science or one’s religion. Those with faith in science will say ‘science will explain everything if given enough time’. Those with faith in religion will say ‘there are some things which are beyond the reach of science and are best understood in terms of _____ (fill in the faith)’. The basic assertion of the commentary on this page is that the science faith is right and the religion faith is wrong. Interesting, but as a belief it remains unproven…

    And as for this comment “If you’re a Christian, you look to a third party to be accountable for your sins” – wow. A painfully weak misinterpretation of Christianity. This doesn’t do much for the credibility of the article or its writer.

  9. Harvo says:

    I can totally agree with pizzacrust, either side of this arguement is unproven. This means that no1 has the right to press there beliefs upon somebody else. In the past wars have started over religion, for example in Israel. Atheism has a tendency to push it beliefs onto others, so taking this into account Atheism has evolved almost into a ‘Religion’ without a God, as the belief is that there is no God is now attracting dedicated preachers of athiesm. i just think its intereseting how Atheism is following the steps of a religion, ironically it is anti God lol.

    S/he ‘s point about Neo new world orders is ridiculous, as comparing Atheism to Nazi’s is judging Atheism. Hence the author contradicts themself as they are the one that is sterotyping Atheism

  10. liam says:

    Everyone hates the nazis not because of their beliefs, but because of their actions. I’m a jew and I read a story about a nazi being tried for crimes that he commited over 60 years ago and I was pissed. At the time what he did wasn’t illegal and he should not be punished for enforcing the laws at the time, no matter how racist they were. He should be allowed to live a normal life now. Nobody shuld be pissed at the individual nazis for what they did; they should be pissed at Hitler for forcing them to, or at the nazis for not standing up for the rest of the people. They did what they were told to, and would have been killed if they hadn’t.

  11. Spendec says:

    You stressed some extremely valid points in that argument. Very well done. That’s the thing about internet arguments, isn’t it? You have more time to think & explain your points because your in front of a keyboard, so you can take it slowly without pausing or stuttering. But you can also get too carried away and not realise what you type in the end- which the idiotic comment award winner clearly did. It’s nice to see that you, the sensible one who didn’t talk dogs***e, didn’t.

    You should try making a statement against “America’s Most Hated Family”. Search it on Youtube if you havn’t already seen it, and I’m sure you’ll have MUCH to say about them.

  12. idiot studier says:

    intelligent design is the only step on the ladder period

  13. MadWorld says:

    E=mc2 :))

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  16. SirDuncan says:

    It’s a FAKE PHOTO! Can’t you see it?

  17. stop it ok!!! i know i was stupid, but i really wasnt sure. i had to go with what i thought was right. stop making fun of my small mistake and get on with your life, because i cant because your all making fun of me. my life is now, just not the same. i am happy with what i won though. ok, just stop what your doing and think about it, ok?

  18. ashley says:

    you can tell this is fake. look closely at the question – in the black there is a light mark left when the REAL question was rubbed out and “which is the largest?” was put there.
    I have watched this show before and do you REALY think a thousand-dollar-prize show would have a stupid question like that?
    Oh and btw, ‘the woman who got the question wrong not telling my real name’ is just whoever made this photo under a different name.
    The writing that ‘the woman who got the question wrong not telling my real name’ put up has A. no capital letters when she says ‘I’ and B. a grown woman would not have got the question wrong in the first place and C. a grown woman would not leave a message like THAT – it sounds like ME answering a message to ma biffles and i am only 12.
    speaking about im only 12, your photo was so bad even someone my age could see right away that it WAS NOT REAL.
    Xx, Ashley

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