Gullible Is Not In The Dictionary


4 Responses to Gullible Is Not In The Dictionary

  1. Gerald says:

    The one thing I’ve hated the most out people is lack of respect. Why can’t people respect the decision of one person to believe in something? I respect others beliefs or the fact that some have none. As anyone should know, religion is a belief. The dictionary doesn’t say anything about it having to be proven. Why is science solely embraced? Science can’t prove everything.
    I have no problem with science, it assists us as human beings to understand many of the things around us. I am not gullable. Neither do I have to explain how I feel about whatever I believe in. I also hate the notion that just because I’m a Christian that I want to impose my beliefs on anyone else, people should be glad they know where I hold myself accountably on issues as a human being. I’m not talking about the issues of morality: abortion, gay marriage, and etc. I’m talking about real life. Not everyone, especially politicians, are who they say they are.
    Those posing as Christians and fall into scandals and lies are not what they truly say they are. They simply say what people want to hear, tell them they’re for God and so on, and aren’t. So I hate when people judge me as a Christian based off someone else. We all have individuality, we are not all the same, no matter what faith or no faith. So share my respect. Please. I cherish everyone’s differences, I love that. I love Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Jews, and whoever else.
    After you kill off religion, what will be next? Nationalism, Individualism, Free Speech, Idealism, etc? That’s where this will lead. Nazism started with the idea that turned into blind anger for those who they felt were less than them. Germanic superiority>higher intelligence>they forcibly imposed their views on Jews in Europe.

    The mood of this video, basically implies she is too intelligent to fall for the so-called ‘gimmick/lie’ of religion. As if she really wanted to say, “Everyone else doesn’t have enough intelligence to understand. So we must help them, by any means necessary, to get rid of their non-sense and learn the new way. The true way.”

    Tell me who. Really, tell me who runs this page? Neo-Cons and their New World Order agenda. To kill off any religion, which would lead to any resistance to their new world govt. If you’re part of this movement and are against globalization , you’re apart of it.

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  4. GodIsReal says:

    You’re foolish. Those 1,2,3 questions were so simple minded. Ignorance is bliss

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