Catholic Dean Hates Skateboarders – Goes “On Leave”

CNN reports that the Catholic Dean seen in a popular YouTube video saying nasty things and yelling at skateboarders has been put on leave. Here’s the video:

Maybe he’s mad at these young boys because they didn’t succumb to his lustful advances? Maybe the priest had a son that denied Catholicism and became a skateboarder? We can’t know for sure what fire rages inside this man but I particularly think his fury becomes unleashed in the quote:

“…by the sperm of all these boys that fuck you!”

It reminds me of the He-Man battle cry “…by the power of Grayskull!”

Other notable quotes:

“fuck off!”

“get off the property you fucking cunts!”

“get back to where you came from you….sfool….you don’t belong in Australia…you have no right to be here!”

“move you fucking fool!”

“get off the property you fucking fool!”


“how’s your asshole so sore by being fucked by all these cunts!”
(oh, the irony)

“little foreigner there, look at the…seedy eyes, black hair”

“and look at you, four eyes!”


“fucking cunt!”

Now, granted, these punks were being fucktards, but we still find it funny how this peaceful priest handles the situation. I think he may have been bullied as a child.

Here’s an example of how the situation could have been handled:


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