Two Teens Were Planning Columbine-Style Church Bombing

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Two Westerville teens are accused of plotting to bomb a Catholic church and two area restaurants in a Columbine-style attack, investigators said.

Westerville police charged Scott Ennis, 16, and Daniel Woodrum, 15, each with delinquency counts of conspiracy to commit arson. Both are students at Westerville North High school.

westerville, oh teens bombing

The teens are accused of planning an ambush at St. Paul’s Catholic Church and school, and at two area restaurants, Westerville Police Lt. Tracey Myers told WBNS-TV (Channel 10). Police wouldn’t name the restaurants.

“They went as far as climbing up on the roof of the church and planning where they were going to put pipe bombs and figure out how they were actually going to do this,” Myers said.

A 15-year-old girl called police after learning of the plans in an online chat on, Myers said. She said the pair planned to plant pipe bombs at the buildings and shoot people inside in a manner similar to attacks at Columbine and Virginia Tech. They discussed chaining the doors during a Mass, she said.

“I was really weirded out. I didn’t know what to do or how to react to him,” the girl told WBNS-TV. Her name wasn’t released for her own protection.

She printed her chat messages and took them to Westerville police.

Woodrum, of Mulberry Way W., was in Delaware County Juvenile jail following his arrest on Friday, his attorney Bob Krapenc said tonight.

It wasn’t clear if Ennis was still there, although Westerville police said they believe he was still there, too. A woman who answered the phone tonight at Ennis’ home on Shagbark Drive refused to comment.

“I don’t know the specifics of what they said or the intent,” Krapenc said. “I don’t even know if he was bragging and trying to impress someone.”

Westerville is just down the road from my office. I tend to wonder if religion had anything to do with these teens obsession to terrorize the church. If it had not been a church, would it have been a school just the same? Based on the fact that they’re teens, I’m not sure how much more we’re going to learn about the teen terrorists’ motives.


3 Responses to Two Teens Were Planning Columbine-Style Church Bombing

  1. Katie G says:

    The two teens went to my grade school and were in my sisters class, that grade school happens to be the same school that they sough to destroy – St.Paul school . My sister sat next to both of the boys and said that they were nice but different, and that the teachers were incredibly mean to the pair. So maybe the were getting their revenge? I’m not sure, but i would have been in that church if they had been able to go through with their plan, and if I for some reason hadn’t been there a multitude of people I love would have been; needless to say I am eternally greatful to the girl that turned them in.

  2. AG Bearcat says:

    I am a citizen of Westerville, a parishioner of St. Paul’s Catholic Church, a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Most importantly, I am a person with a valuable life.

    When I read about the two teens who planned to destroy so many lives, I was deeply saddened and horrified. My young son, my husband, friends and neighbors could have been murdered by these disturbed teens.

    Then I read that they are only being charged with delinquency counts of conspiracy to commit arson. What about conspiracy to commit murder? If they had succeeded in their plan to murder people at our church and community restaurants and lived, would they then be tried as adults? What message does this send to others who plan such terrorist acts?

    I am outraged and dismayed that this is not being taken more seriously. I am now fearful to attend my own church. I will worry more about my child’s safety at school. I will hesitate before I go to a favorite restaurant in downtown Westerville, or anywhere else. Who will protect us from such criminals?

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