Bush Administration Using Religious Ideology to Lie to Americans

Many Americans are frustrated that Christian based concepts of what the Bush Administration calls a “culture of life” is too blind to situational affects and can in fact result in more harm than good. A blind call to “let God take care of it” disrespects the human progress that has been made in the medical field in the last century.


Two of these topics are abstinence-only education and emergency contraception — two issues that we now know the Bush administration does not want you to know the truth about. Associated Press reports that “President Bush’s most recent surgeon general accused the administration Tuesday of muzzling him for political reasons on hot-button health issues such as emergency contraception and abstinence-only education.”

Carmona said he believed the surgeon general should show leadership on health issues. But his speeches were edited by political appointees, and he was told not to talk about certain issues. For example, he supported comprehensive sex education that would include abstinence in the curriculum, rather than focusing solely on abstinence.

“However, there was already a policy in place that didn’t want to hear the science, but wanted to — quote, unquote — ‘preach abstinence,’ which I felt was scientifically incorrect,” Carmona said.

This is just another instance of the Bush Administration hiding real scientific results from the American people in order to promote their religious-right wing agenda and the views of their religion.

According to ThinkProgress:

On Thursday, the Senate will consider the nomination of Dr. James Holsinger to be the next Surgeon General. Perhaps not surprisingly, Bush has this time nominated someone who has repeatedly put ideology over sound science, peddling views of homosexuality that have been rejected by the medical community.

See Carmona’s hearing here:


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