A Patriotic Atheist

I hope all of you had an enjoyable 4th of July Holiday. Mine was excellent. We had a housewarming party for the 4th and ended the night watching the fireworks in our new community. You can see them from our new house, which is pretty neat.

I noticed over the holiday that this blog has been seeing an absolutely incredible amount of traffic americadue to our Zeitgeist Movie post — enough to get us listed in WordPress’s Top Posts and Growing Blogs. I sincerely hope that the folks coming to view that story take a look at some other posts on here as well.

So I was browsing the “Fundies Say the Darndest Things” site for July and noticed that there were quite a bit of posts from people who think Atheists can’t be good patriots. This probably stems from the fallacy that America’s founders built this to be a Christian nation, “founded on Christian principles,” etc. If you’re one of these people, or know one of these people, please take a look at the book, Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism. I read it at about this time last year, and in my opinion, there can be nothing more patriotic than learning the real truth about the founding of this country and how the birth of this great nation is very strongly tied to our religious freedoms.

So for the entertainment portion of this post, here are some excerpts from the FSTDT site.

“You’re right. public schools are trying to rewrite history. History has always been a favorite subject of mine, but it wasn’t until I started Bible college that I learned more about the true American history, and you better believe the finger prints of God were all over it.”

IFBaptistgirl, Teens-4-Christ

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“…But to get back to the rest of your post I would like to ask if you have any proof, facts or figures that atheists love their mothers or their country I would love to see it. And you should know that unlike Christians, who are taught to love and respect their parents (read the 10 commandments), atheist are not required to do so and often don’t because “hey, since nothings’ going happen to me after I die why should I care”, that’s just how they think.

Alien Syndrome, Free Republic

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“Good – now that pentacles (stars) are rightfully recognized as religious symbols, we Christians should start up lawsuits to have every star removed from every governmental flag, crest, coat-of-arms, badge, memorial, etc.

The atheists have been attacking and challenging those government memorials that include a cross, and have also challenged the engravings of the 10 commandments on government ground and in government displays.”

JohnnyHye, Rapture Ready

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“Atheists are not capable of being patriots because they are incapable of convictions or love. Since they have denied God, they see no reason to practice either since they don’t see how it will benefit their personal standing.

So no, atheists can not be Americanism.

Alien Syndrome, Free Republic

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That should be enough for now. Feel free to visit the sites, make comments, or do whatever it is you do when you read ignorance such as this. American Atheists’ No God Blog did a great post about Patriotism and Atheism. You really should read the whole post, but here is an excerpt:

But the truth of the matter is this: It doesn’t matter. Whether the founding fathers WANTED this country to be secular or religious, it does not matter. We all know the founding fathers were not 100% right all the time. They were slave owners, mysogenists, and though some may have been Atheists, none of them were Catholic, Jewish, female, or black. By today’s standards, they were very wrong in a lot of places, and refusing to admit that borders on deification. None of them could have foreseen today, and the argument that “it is what the founding fathers wanted”, for either side or either point, is therefore meaningless.

What matters is what WE, the citizens of TODAY, want it to be. Whatever we as a nation decide, we can make it happen through Constitutional Amendments. If we vote to make America a Christian nation, we can make it so, despite the founders’ wishes.

Happy Independence Day. As always, your comments and return visits are greatly appreciated!


2 Responses to A Patriotic Atheist

  1. vjack says:

    Not to worry about repeat visits. You keep doing excellent posts like this, and your regulars will keep returning.

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