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If you get some time today, or perhaps over the upcoming Independence Day, take a while to sit down and watch Zeitgeist, The Movie. I’ll paste the movie here and would be flattered if you watched it from my blog, but you can watch a larger screen version on Google Video. Also if you’re looking for something to do, check out http://michaelkentLIVE.com.

The movie has been discussed all over the net, including the JREF forums, where a generally well-educated crowd picks apart at it a bit. False claims and plagiarism seem to be the biggest accusations.

Anyway, there’s a fair amount of buzz about this internet “movie,” so you can watch and make up your own mind!


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  2. sue says:

    I have watched your movei and would like a dvd copy – I tried to burn it from the google video player but it will not work. I believe strongly in God but not religion and found the movie fascinating!

  3. Zaii says:

    Great movie… explains alot of holes in religion and politics
    a must SEE

  4. MICHAEL says:


  5. Rand says:

    One of the most fascinating movies, if not the greatest, I’ve seen EVER! To have every aspect of society covered in great detail was enthralling! It made me sit up and really THINK!

  6. The Philosopher says:

    If you can watch this movie throughout, and not see the atrocities that people are committing to each other, and cannot find it within yourself to say “Something is wrong here” then you are one of them.

    Im coming to get you..

  7. TruthSeeker says:

    I live in the Bible Belt, raised and spoonfed religion until I broke out against it because I had to find out what I believed to be true, not what I was told.

    This movie, regardless of what your beliefs may be, needs to be watched. Not to make you think a certain way, or to prove who’s right, but just to consider. If you believe what you believe without ever questioning it, how do you know its the truth? Because your told sold?

    Thats what the Nazi’s and the KKK did. Think outside the box people.

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  9. David says:


  10. What says:

    “That’s what the Nazi’s and KKK did.”

    Don’t forget about the Jews and their mass media.

  11. Brandon says:

    Amazing Video, I’ve been spoonfed Christianity like alot of others, always questioned it, but was subdued with “god put that there to test our faith”, this video made me think, I may not be an american, but the North American, and ultimately the World Union effects me and I need to take a stand on that. Revolution Is Now.

  12. wolfie says:

    how can i get a dvd to show my students, i live in Denmark so no legal problems……………please respond

    than you,

  13. Arkatim says:

    You can download the Torrent at one of the links here then burn it to a DVD (or burn many copies, label them “Watch Me!” and leave them dangling from trees LOL!)…


    Not sure which link I used. If you’re unsure about Torrents (I am, really) an easy way is to download and install the Opera web browser http://www.opera.com/download and just click on a download link. Opera has torrent file download capability built-in. (I KNOW there’s probably better things to use geeks – but Opera worked for me)

  14. Greg says:

    Anyone know the differences between the ‘old ‘ version and the official release?

    The monologue intro over black screen seems to be edited out. Anything else?

  15. Markow says:

    The Zeitgiest Google video will fit on a CD so almost anyone can distribute it. (For some reason, the simple download gave a corrupt file, so I downloaded it while it played on the Google video player. The simple download problem may have been due to an interuption.)

  16. Mark says:

    I am not an athiest. Zeitgeist was great. This is one of the best movies I have ever seen! I have been recommending it to everyone and think every American needs to watch this. It shows the crap that the media feeds us and the deep corruption in American religion and society. Awesome.

  17. Paul Bartron says:

    First I am not sure who put this video together. I would have to study Pagan religions to believe the religious part. This video could have been the work of the elites, it is called Spin Doctoring. The so called solution to the problem the exact opposite of the real solution. Love everybody is the same end result of establishing a one world government. The solution is a peoples Constitutional Convention re-writing the Constiution so that the majority opinion of the people becomes the way Congress and the Senate are ruled. Aslo we need to abolish the office of the President replacing him with a parliamentary European style cabinet.
    I have heard on other conspiracy websites that Christianity is the enemy because is does not bow down to the state or the elites. Was the Massod behind the production of ZEITGEIST ?? Do you support a rewriting of the Constitution by we the people of the USA? You have not mentioned the nationality of the Neo-cons.
    The answer to that question says it all.
    You need to read Judas Goats. American Free Press

  18. Paul Revere says:

    “You have not mentioned the nationality of the Neo-cons.” -Paul Bartron

    Somebody didn’t watch the whole thing. Neo-con ideologies was brought up directly. Yeah you would have to study pagan religions and astronomy to at the very least understand the beginning part, and i sure as hell hope you do.

    “The solution is a peoples Constitutional Convention re-writing the Constiution” -Paul Bartron

    You couldn’t be more wrong, the abolishing of the Constitution is exactly what they are preaching against. It doesn’t need to be re-written. Several times throughout the film, the destruction of the Constitution is touted as a horrible thing.

  19. matt says:

    yeah… this movie is common knowledge to people who are really into the conspiracy theory world. Everything put forth in this film has been stated for a very long time and yet everyday people like yourselves have always called us stupid.

  20. PVManning says:

    hi there. i think i was like the 17th person to check this one out, when he put the first edition on google. i was deeply moved by this film. i felt like i had to protect my children, and i felt a love for mankind that i had never before realized. if this guy was thinking if i can just reach one person, ill have done my job, then he did it. i have been raised on conspiracies, and constantly trained to not trust authority, always told to question. i am involved in a few activist movements too, and this film was still shocking. i just cant say enough about it, it is a great film. anyways, i also started a myspace group, if anyone is interested @:
    everyone is welcome to come and discuss this film. i really liked the first part with, i think its Chögyam Trungpa. i really wish that wouldnt have had to come out in the final cut.

  21. Celerian says:

    Some people are so foolish to not understand all of the truths and honest proof in this movie. Being brainwashed your whole life impairs you to see the genius that this movie is. It is a brake-through of all humanities confusion about what “might” be happening vs. what is happening. Filthy zombies… The other night I had a dream about zombies… I woke up at 4 in the morning to see my brother watching a bizarre movie… I watched it and realized, I am living in a world with zombies. Plagued with pop culture and Jesus… I have moved all over the US and as of now, I live in the bible belt. I look around everyday at the ignorance that is human. People open your minds, wake up… the truth has been spoken, the truth some of us freaks and geeks had a feeling about. I knew some of the disgusting filth the world feeds us was nothing more than a charade… and nothing more. Chase your tails while we see what we, ourselves, inside have to offer.


  22. Ben says:

    There are some scary truths within the foundations of this movie. For those of you who did not know about the majority of the ideas stated in the film, just remember don’t just continue being brainwashed and believe everything you just saw on Zeitgeist . One of the themes seems to be question everything. If you see this movie and become a diehard follower and revolutionary based entirely on what you just saw, you are as blind as the Christians who base their lives on the words in the bible. There is information published by real professors, journalists, researchers and lawyers everyday that can give you detailed, clear and educated summaries of the goings on in politics and the world. The ideas in this movie are not new, people who look for the truth can find it, and they have been for as long as mankind.Think for yourselves don’t just except what you get fed from the media, be it mainstream or independent non-profit organizations. Find your own truth don’t just except somebody else’s.

    Peace out

  23. Sgt. Pepper says:

    People have known these things prior, but nowhere have they been in such a sequence with affecting music and such a clear guidance through it, i saw two things most strongly, how concerned most people are, and how horrible and greedy a few of the secretive have always been. i watched it 3 times in 2 days, each time as urgent as the last, i know not to take it all on said value but i feel deeply ingratiated to the new knowledge it has armed me with. the world will not look the same to me. i hope it encourages people to find new ways for us to live. revolution is a bit old hat, but i still wonder if this film could have the power to cause a riot. almost. we still have a long way to go. it may not ever be mandatory to be chipped, but life will get increasingly harder not to. maybe one day petty crime is removed, and replaced only with corporate injustice. anyway speculation aside, i wish i could sincerely thank the zeitgeist producer.

  24. Don Zabinski says:

    I also would like a DVD copy of the movie if possible and is it available in Spanish> Thanks Don Z

  25. Ben says:

    Take a better look around. There are a number of movies out that you will find the producer fo Zeitgeist has lifted ideas , theories, and even the same clips and quotes from. The producer of Zeitgeist has done nothing but scare the absolute shit out of a number of poor souls who have time to watch the movie but no time to find out the information for themselves. Go and watch Lose Change, its a movie about the Central Banks and Federal Taxes. Then go and see the writings by the outraged professors and law experts at the irrisponsibility of the Zeitgeist and Lose Change producers (who have outstanding tax debt cases and are being taken down for them). If you dont pay tax you will be fined or land up in jail. The federal reserve has been debunket too take a look at these writings by Edward Flaherty, Ph.D. Department of Economics College of Charleston, S.C.

  26. Ben says:

    The next movie the producer has lifted ideas from is The God Who Wasnt There, his whole Jesus argument has been detailed with interesting simillarities. The quotes used in this and many other conspiracy moves have been largely edited and taken out of context, I would suggest a close reading of the full transcripts or writings used in the movies (but who would consult the sources list when its all so clearly stated in the movie for you?). After saying all this, I do think its great that people are getting out of there brainwashed TV dinner lifestyles, but remember seek a full knowledge not half truths from bunch of redone conspiracy hacks. This is yet another case of the blind leading the blind, he did not find the truth he found the clips and snips of info in the world that supported his big idea. Its so easy to convince with the powerful tools of the editing reel and some quotes. Why didn’t he consult any professors who have spent their lives studying the monetary systems for 30 years?, why didnt he find law experts to back up his tax claims?, do you think the statements of a few ex tax workers can give enough evidence? The chip theory does look pretty scary but it would be even more scary comming from a reliable, truthfull, and educated source.

  27. wendevil6sixsix says:

    The government now is a circus, and Bush and his Cabinet need to be punished for their lies.

  28. lucyloo says:

    The most important issue is being ignored. Yah, religion is a bunch of hu-ha, yah, war makes people rich, yah taxes bite and we shouldn’t pay them…

    But what about this whole thing with the North American Union… I’ve done some google searches on it and it appears to be a VERY REAL ISSUE. It’s set to happen in 2010. Why aren’t we hearing about this in the media??? THIS IS BIG NEWS… but almost no mention of it whatsoever…



  29. eyeswideopen says:

    WHOA! My buddy sent this to me and prefaced it with “its going to be the most disturbing thing you have ever seen…” Now my mind is racing all over the place… What to do, is it real, when is it coming, where to go for answers, can I share this and not be looked at as some radical just because I try to assist in the opening of the mind?

    Everyone is so wrapped up in their own relative truths that we have begun to miss what is really happening…YES, our lives are being controlled more and more as the time passes…YES, we need to move from in front of the TV and FIND MORE ANSWERS! Are there inaccuracies? Sure there are, but that shouldn’t stop you from opening your eyes just a little to take notice of what is going on around you. More importantly, the inaccuracies shouldn’t stop you from trying to figure out what it means! This movie is not the answer people, and I don’t think it was intended to be. IMHO, I think it was supposed to shake us up a little bit and motivate us to always question and always seek truth…FUNDAMENTAL truths, not relative ones!

    For all of the comments about the religious points in the movie, there should be more about the other 2 parts of the movie as well. You mean there is the possibility there is a group of families that control our Nation’s economy with…a group of signatures???? The North American Union???? Wasn’t the guy who holds the office of President just griping about immigration rules and “Mexicans” crossing the border and taking advantage of the benefits that that “Americans” work so hard for???? Implanted chips to track our every move and location and financial information on a computer screen???? Its waaaaay bigger than religion, folks! All the Christianity bashing is not really proving anything of significance except, the pure ignorance that movies like this attempt to put an end to STILL exists! Seems to me that brainwashing and division are the main proponents of the “elites” objective, and the more we argue about the differences (HELLO, there are ALWAYS going to be differences…grow up!) and point fingers without accepting any responsibility, we never will be allowed to fully embrace the “freedoms” OUR Nation is supposed to provide us! We as a people and as a Nation HAVE TO LOOK PAST OUR DIFFERENCES AND FOCUS ON THE COMMON DENOMINATOR THAT COMBINES US ALL…WE ARE ALL HUMAN-BEINGS!

    We have no control over some of the situations, only our perception and how we deal with the situations. Take the movie for what it is…a segway to answers and research and ACTION! Of course, that would require heart and character, something that, unfortunately, alot of us are unwilling to develop and exhibit! Besides, its soooooooo much easier to talk about Paris Hilton in the break-room, isn’t it?

    I’m done! Let the surface thinkers carry on with their “Christianity sucks” montages, and bash me while you’re at it! I’m going to open a book….

  30. tim brothers says:

    hi all
    i only want to focus on the astronomy end of the movie here since that’s the only part i am an expert on. i wrote to the maker of the movie a while ago asking him to clarify some issues in the movie particularly in the beginning of the movie. he made no reply other than to tell me he was adding his evidence to wikipedia. the “evidence” was promptly, and justly, deleted from wikipedia due to self-serving promotion and lack of reliable sources.

    the problems i had with the movie are entirely factual. i’m not christian and i’m not a big fan of everything the gov’t/religion does. But, the facts just don’t hold up. the whole astrology thing is riddled with errors. it sounds nice and neat and straight-forward but in reality it’s all based on one archaeologists opinions that have been discredited again and again. i’ll just make a specific point: the egyptians didn’t even have a 12figure sky chart until almost the time of jesus. the whole concept wasn’t introduced to egypt until the babylonians brought it to them around 300bc – well after moses. and they didn’t know about precession until it was discovered in ~100bc by Hipparchus. if they didn’t have precession in the their knowledge base, then they certainly didn’t have any reason to label periods of time as age of pisces, aquarius etc.

    i’m not going to claim one way or the other whether the bible is true – i could really care less. so if i just don’t like fake astronomy being used to justify someone’s agenda. if you guys really want the truth stop reading crap from the internet – check a book out and read. this guy who made the film only used one source which was discredited a long time ago and doesn’t even acknowledge the 1000’s of sources that state otherwise.

  31. They’re selling t-shirts promoting this movie now…

  32. ERICO says:

    I saw the t-shirts, but did they spell it wrong? It looks like it’s spelled “Zeitgest” instead of ZEITGEIST – leaving off the 2nd “E”

  33. sonna says:

    dude, what is up with people saying the jews control themass media? Im a jew, and i dont own anything, i dont have a bank in my back yard, and i sure as hell dont control the media. can someone explain this to me?

  34. Ash says:

    My main problem is with the first section
    This seems to be about ASTROLOGY. It appears that the director is attempting to use modern astronomy (17th Century at that) to explain the Jesus/Messaih myth. Most of it doesn’t really ring true in all honesty. Particularly the “Gods Son/Sun” parts.

    The bible was written in Hebrew and Greek originally. The Greek word for sun is Helios. This is in no way phonetically similar to Sun. SO this is a very tenuous link and not very well thought through.

    Whilst there are some interesting points made by this film, regarding the veils that are pulled over our eyes by those in power, it is really worth looking into some of it’s fundamental principles and questions in more detail. Most don’t ring true.

    Do you REALLY credit George Bush’s administration with enough intelligence to pull off a False Flag 9/11 operation? I certainly don’t.

  35. Dodo says:

    How brainwashed are you? Can’t you see that the burden of proof lies with the one who claims that “the son of God” walked around in Asia 2000 years ago? Not the opposite. Being a Scandinavian, the idea that Jesus is fraud is not that speculative or as absurd at it seems to be for most Americans.

  36. Henerah says:

    if this movie is seen and understood, then why people is anything not being done about it. the truth comes the bottom and last factor money. the truth is like it always has been is that money is the root of all evil. i love this mive PLEASE PROMOTE!!

  37. Neli says:

    Loved the movie…I want everyone to see this..people (me included) need something to wake them up…This movie was a real eye opener. I am spreading the link around where ever I can. I hope you will do the same.

  38. White middle class male says:

    This movie and all the comments are just another example of people believing everything they see and hear. I understand the viewpoint of making people question everything they were ever told, but at least it could be done with real points that haven’t been discredited for years.
    Turn on CNN and you get the same thing…opinion.

    People also need to know that there are people in this world that want a one world govt, but you all must realize that we will not let that happen.

  39. This is a repost from http://singinginthereign.blogspot.com/2007/07/zeitgeist-movie-is-christianity.html

    I don’t know where to start: this video is a complete lie.

    First off, the video is full of misinformation about Horus. He was baptized? Oh really! I would love to see a source for that!

    Most of the supposed parallels are completely untrue!

    Actually, Muslim apologists have been trying to do this for centuries–to say that Christianity is really just another form of paganism. But that’s a lie.

    Most of the information in this video seems to come from Acharya S’s book, The Christ Conspiracy (1999), which is a sensationalist book which has zero academic credibility. If you want to learn about Horus you can read the ancient myths about him–
    Egyptian Mythology: Horus
    Encyclopedia Mythica: Horus
    The Eye Of Horus
    Tektonics: Horus, Isis, Osiris

    Let’s go over just some of the data:

    1. Horus was not born of a Virgin–that’s a lie.
    2. Horus was not baptized. That’s a complete fabrication. “Anup the Baptizer”?–show me where you find that! That’s a lie.
    3. Horus never walked on water. He performed miracles, but raising the dead and walking on water were not among them. Nor did he cast out demons.
    4. Horus had disciples–but you can’t show me a single reference to his having twelve. That’s a lie.
    5. Horus never taught in the temple at age 12. That’s a lie. Read the accounts above–it’s not there.
    6. Where was ever said that was Horus crucified? That’s a lie! He died in a later version of the story and was brought back to life–but Jesus’ “resurrection” was more than a mere coming back to life. His body was transformed and changed. Anyways, it was only later added to the Horus legend.

    That’s just off the top of my head. That should give you some indication though about the reliability of this film. In short, its claims are lies that are told to sell books. But no scholar in the world would accept this stuff–only the ignorant. Anybody can get a book published or a video made and say whatever they want. That doesn’t make it true.

    Moreover, to think that Jesus didn’t exist is absolutely, positively unfounded, unhistorical, and unrealistic.

    Those who opposed Chrstianity from the very beginning never asserted that Jesus didn’t exist–in fact, they made all kinds of slanderous claims against Jesus. But they never asserted he was a myth.

    In fact, there’s more evidence Jesus existed than virtually any one else in antiquity.

    … and there isn’t a single respectable scholar today–Christian or secular–who would make such a claim. Only those who haven’t studied the issue seriously could say such a thing.

    Hope that helps…
    Posted by Michael Barber at 10:07 AM

  40. Gman says:

    Jesus was not born on 25th December. This date was given by Pope Julius in the third century, it’s a Roman Catholic thing. So yes, the astrological dates may be the same as the Roman Catholic church’s fake Jesus date (which is actually the date the pagan’s used to worship their false god Saturnalia), but only because one of their pagan Popes made it happen.
    So, the movie is only taking a poke at the Roman Catholic’s version of the birth date of Jesus, not the bible’s, or Christianity’s, account.

    I think we can look at the movie’s theme as a whole, and see that the point that is being made is that religion was/is used to control masses of people. Throughout A.D. history, the Roman Catholic church has been the dominant religious/political power, and was responsible for the Inquisition and a whole host of other atrocities that contradict the teachings of the bible.

    I enjoyed the movie as a whole.

  41. I just noticed that someone here linked over to my site and found this through that link.

    This may be a lot of fun for all of you who haven’t studied these things but you’re living in a fantasy world. Very little of this would pass muster in a real academic journal–that’s why it’s on youtube and not the History Channel. You’re making assertions without any evidence.

    The last comment simply illustrates the kind of ignorance that runs throughout this discussion. For example, “…the Roman Catholic church has been the dominant religious / political power, and was responsible for the Inquisition and a whole host of other atrocities that contradict the bible.”

    I’d like Gman to tell me exactly what the Inquisition was. Who was killed? What was involved? When did it begin?

    And please answer that without looking it up. Do you even know what you’re talking about?

    I doubt it very seriously.

    Do you know what the Black Legend is? Do you know how legends about the Inquisition were used for political purposes? Likewise, do you know about the “White Legend”? There is an obvious lack of education here.

    Anyway, if you think the Inquisition was one of the greatest “atrocities” in history, you clearly have not studied what really happened. Catholics did bad things–there’s no doubt about it. There’s no sense white-washing it. But the Inquisition was clearly NOT what you think it was. And if you think the Catholic Church–which also founded the first hospitals, schools, etc., and which has produced great people in modern times like Mother Theresa and John Paul II–you’re being quite one sided. I’d ask you to study also what non-Catholics did to Catholics as well–what were Muslims and Protestants doing? The effort to single out Catholics here is quite revealing.

    I’d encourage you to research both sides of every issue. Check out http://www.catholic.com for more answers.

    I really do admire those of you who are seriously seeking out the truth and those who do real academic study. I commend all who have serious interest and sincere motives. But keep in mind that getting to the truth is a lot more work than simply watching a video posted on http://www.youtube.com.

    I hope the discussion continues…


    Michael Barber
    Professor of Theology, Scripture and Catholic Thought
    John Paul the Great Catholic University
    10174 Old Grove Road
    San Diego, CA 92131

  42. Gman says:

    Sorry if I’ve offended you. I can see by your title that you are associated with the Catholic Church. I’m not attacking you personally, or the Pope. Why don’t you tell us what the Inquisition was, seeing as you know everything and I know nothing.

    If I tell you what it was without looking it up, wouldn’t that be ignorant as well. I’d just be using what is in my head, which may not be correct.

    Seeing as you’re a Catholic, can you tell me why your church teaches men to confess their sins to someone called “Father” (call no man on earth father) when the bible says to confess your sins to God, not man. Please, if I’m being ignorant here, which I’m not saying is impossible, please do correct me with facts. I’m here to learn.

  43. Gman says:

    O.K. I’m slowing down. I need to learn some more. Disregard the last paragraph in the last post.

    I’m coming off the end of some prophecy study, so yes, my mind is filled with scriptures from Daniel and Revelation, the Beast and so forth. Please, let the discussion continue. It’s about the movie, not religion.

    The religion part aside, I’d be interested to know if the rest of it is true, and where I would go to find out. I mean, the 911 stuff looks reasonable to me. How does a building fall straight down like that without it being a detonation job? Please enlighten me, is that stuff true or not? Gman (my online alias in case I say something stupid)

  44. Jon says:

    I think it is a real tribute to the zenith of ignorence of the American culture to cast two thousand and seven years of tradition down with one fell swoop of the tongue.

    (you see, I can use big words and sound convincing too)

  45. Jon says:

    PS. About that “funny” standup comedian 10 minutes or so into the film. God doesn’t throw you in Hell. You throw yourself in hell. And go ahead Break all the rules on his ‘List of things you cant do’ and we’ll see what your life becomes

  46. Mr. Mew! says:

    the comedian’s name is George Carlin, who could be considered the best living stand up comedian ever; he placed 2nd on Comedy Central’s 100 best comics, with the late Richard Pryor coming in 1st.

    he’s not saying to break every commandment, but Carlin has a way to just eloquently say things that are just amazing. he eventually ended that show by saying “okay, if there is a God… if there is a God, may he strike down.. this audience! eh? okay i’ll do even better. If there is a God, may he strike me down right now! eh? i’m just fine, okay, i’m having a little pain in the chest and its getting harder to breath…but that might just have been Joe Pesci.” surely a great show. another he summed down the 10 commandments to 3.

    “Let’s start with the first three:




    Right off the bat the first three are pure bullshit. Sabbath day? Lord’s name? strange gods? Spooky language! Designed to scare and control primitive people. In no way does superstitious nonsense like this apply to the lives of intelligent civilized humans in the 21st century. So now we’re down to 7. Next:


    Obedience, respect for authority. Just another name for controlling people. The truth is that obedience and respect shouldn’t be automatic. They should be earned and based on the parent’s performance. Some parents deserve respect, but most of them don’t, period. You’re down to six.

    Now in the interest of logic, something religion is very uncomfortable with, we’re going to jump around the list a little bit.



    Stealing and lying. Well actually, these two both prohibit the same kind of behavior- dishonesty. So you don’t really need two you combine them and call the commandment “thou shalt not be dishonest”. And suddenly you’re down to 5.

    And as long as we’re combining I have two others that belong together:



    Once again, these two prohibit the same type of behavior. In this case it is marital infidelity. The difference is- coveting takes place in the mind. But I don’t think you should outlaw fantasizing about someone else’s wife because what is a guy gonna think about when he’s waxing his carrot? But, marital infidelity is a good idea so we’re gonna keep this one and call it “thou shalt not be unfaithful”. And suddenly we’re down to four.

    But when you think about it, honesty and infidelity are really part of the same overall value so, in truth, you could combine the two honesty commandments with the two fidelity commandments and give them simpler language, positive language instead of negative language and call the whole thing “thou shalt always be honest and faithful” and we’re down to 3.


    This one is just plain fuckin’ stupid. Coveting your neighbor’s goods is what keeps the economy going! Your neighbor gets a vibrator that plays “o come o ye faithful”, and you want one too! Coveting creates jobs, so leave it alone. You throw out coveting and you’re down to 2 now- the big honesty and fidelity commandment and the one we haven’t talked about yet:


    Murder. But when you think about it, religion has never really had a big problem with murder. More people have been killed in the name of god than for any other reason. All you have to do is look at Northern Ireland, Cashmire, the Inquisition, the Crusades, and the World Trade Center to see how seriously the religious folks take thou shalt not kill. The more devout they are, the more they see murder as being negotiable. It depends on who’s doin the killin’ and who’s gettin’ killed. So, with all of this in mind, I give you my revised list of the two commandments:

    Thou shalt always be honest and faithful to the provider of thy nookie.


    Thou shalt try real hard not to kill anyone, unless of course they pray to a different invisible man than you.

    Two is all you need; Moses could have carried them down the hill in his fuckin’ pocket. I wouldn’t mind those folks in Alabama posting them on the courthouse wall, as long as they provided one additional commandment:

    Thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself.”

    complaints and grievances.

    i would like to know more about the similarities of Horus and Jesus with relavent sources. many people believe in the fact that Horus was baptized, probably not as much as people believe that Jesus was baptized, but its probably rational to people who have read about horus and people who’ve read the Bible. but notice, without even having read the bible, more people will know about Jesus and Christianity than about Horus. It’s like knowing all the words to a song you don’t like, but having the song in your face the whole time makes it easier to know the words.

    I’ve been having so many doubts, becoming somewhat skeptical about our government and about religion, for almost all my life. Nothing makes sense to me and when i ask why I never got an answer that really made sense. It’s like telling a child that 2 + 2 is 4, and when they ask why, you just say “just because.” although it is obviously true, its not explained, and that child will either accept it or be skeptical until an explanation. i really don’t know if i’m saying anything right. but i’ll be waiting for the sources page and the clarification page is updated.

    i know its too long, but i just don’t believe in anything anymore.

  47. Inspired says:

    Wow, this needs to be heard loud and clear elect a madman you get madness, we need a change right now, it starts with you, here now

  48. Benny Phillips says:

    Thanks!!! Among all the post 9-11 exposure documentaries that I’ve seen (hundreds), there are none more important than “Zeitgeist.” Everyone MUST see this movie!

  49. sleepless in California says:

    Does anyone know if that movie is available in other languages? spanish?
    i would like to forward to my friend in mex. great movie. forward it along…

  50. A Curious Friend says:

    I am very curious to know why I can not find any information on the Director/Producer of this film…I found the name Peter J. That leads to my next question, why would someone produce a movie and leave his name off of it? Why is there NO direct information about this person? Can somone please let me know where I can send the rest of my questions regarding this movie? The reason I am so interested in who this person is, and why I am having a hard time finding any related information is because I feel that someone who puts a movie of this kind out there for the world to see should want the “credit” for “their” film. Look at Michael Moore for example, he gets a lot of slack from people in the world regarding his films, but you do not see him taking his name off of a film or never putting it on to begin with…That is because he truely believes and stands behind the movies that he produces. (things that make you go hmm..)

    Another question that I have been thinking about…has this person ever lived in a different country…Maybe Haiti, Cuba, Iraq, China, Ireland, etc. (anywhere but here)….? I’m curious to what makes OUR government the most awful… Maybe I missed that underlying message of the movie…PLEASE EXPLAIN!

    Another thing that has been bothering me since my friend decided that this movie was the answer to every question in the world, and there are no other truths…For those people who now hate the government so much after watching a 2 hr movie…maybe you should send them back any dime you ever got for college to “educate” yourself? The government did not give me 20+ grand to go to school…(this is a direct question that I have for a friend that I can not have an intellegent conversation with any more because they have let this movie completely warp them)…..


    A curious friend

  51. jman says:

    @A Curious Friend

    the creator of this film doesn’t say that the US gov is the worst, just that, like most governments it could be a lot better. I believe the message in this movie is not to believe everything you see, and although that message is lost on almost no one, nearly everyone takes everything in this to be the truth without questioning it at all. They allow it to warp their minds like the situation with your friend, because that is what they are used to. Maybe just try talking to your friend about researching the facts in this movie, as he would be a hypocrite if he didn’t. oh well, best of luck with that.

  52. A Curious Friend says:

    I wish it was as easy as that! My friend expressed to me that I let the movie brainwash me into not excepting it as the truth because I choose to not educate myself on the things that are happening around me! Alright, I may not be the most educated person on politics but this movie made me begin researching things that I do not quite understand or things that I would like to hear ALL arguments on, and thinking that my friend excepts this movie as all truths and answers to all questions while saying that I am the one who is brainwashed quite disturbs me.


    A Curious Friend!

  53. Gratis Musik und Filme downloaden

    Dort sind die 3 bekanntesten Usenet Anbieter im deutschsprachigen Raum aufgelistet

  54. Kit says:

    I am not familiar with what a torrent is. Does someone know where I can download this movie so I can pass it around?

  55. Ed OShea says:

    How can I aquire (purchase) a copy of Zeitgeist the movie?

  56. Becksi says:

    I actually collected all the freaking claims (Yes, I don’t have a life =D) made in the first part that I found most potential being even partly true… so here goes!


    enemy: “Set”
    born dec. 25th
    born of a virgin
    star in the east
    adorned by 3 kings
    12 disclipes
    performed miracles
    dead 3 days

    born dec. 25th
    born of a virgin
    dead 3 days

    born of a virgin
    star in the east
    performed miracles

    born dec. 25th
    born of a virgin
    performed miracles
    “King of kings”
    “alpha and omega”

    born dec. 25th
    born of a virgin
    performed miracles
    12 disclipes
    dead 3 days
    “sunday” worship


    December 24th Sirius aligns with 3 brightest stars in Orion’s belt, “the three kings”

    Three kings and Sirius point to the sunrise at dec. 25th

    Sun stops moving south at dec 22,23,24.
    Southern cross “crux” at sun’s vicinity

    dec. 25th sun moves 1 degree north


    12 tribes of israel
    12 brothers of joseph
    12 judges of israel
    12 great patriarchs
    12 o.t. prophets
    12 kings of israel
    12 princes of israel
    jesus in temple at 12


    Symbol of christianity is pagan adaption of cross of the zodiak.


    Taurus: 3400 BC – 2150 BC
    Aries: 2150 BC – 1 AD
    Pisces: 1 AD – 2150 AD
    Aquarius: 2150 AD – 4300 AD

    Moses is upset when he sees people worship golden bull calf. Golden bull means Taurus of the previous age. Jews blow rams horn (Aries, new age)

    Mithra kills bull.

    Matt 28:20
    “I will be with you even to the end of the world”
    “world” mistranslation, actually “aeon” or “age”


    Global flood
    caused by man’s sins
    intended for all mankind
    sent by god(s)
    ordered to build boat
    one door on boat
    at least one window
    outside coating is pitch
    human passangers were family members
    all kinds of land animals
    means of flood was heavy rain
    release of birds to find land
    ark landing spot was mountains
    sacrifice after flood
    blessed after flood


    Manou of India
    Minos of Crete
    Mises of Egypt


    miracle birth
    of 12 brothers
    sold for 20 pieces
    “Judah” suggests sale
    work at age 30

    miracle birth
    had 12 disclipes
    sold for 30 pieces
    “Judas” suggests sale
    work at age 30


    3 sources have few sentences about “Christ”, which means “The Anointed” (What’s are the texts in these sources?)

    4th source, Josephus(?) is forgery.

  57. thinkaboutit says:

    this movies’ intention like any movie like it is propaganda. in its arguments, the movie is convincing and strong yes, but propaganda is used to sway ones mind to think a certain way. of course this movie gets me thinking. but at the same time there are great inconsistencies. there is no actual bible passage that states Jesus was born on dec. 25th. And the religion portion of this movie, i felt was out of place and a bit unwarranted. yes when man has power, manipulation of the truths occur, but one must take into account that religion is not entirely evil. religion has created a moral compass in peoples lives that have caused good things to happen in our history along with bad ones (like every event in that occurs in our universe). secondly how could the government receiv warning of the attacks on our country from several international intelligence agencies, when we were (as it was conveyed) the ones that had planned 9/11 on ourself. there are flaws to this movie, but i do find myself a bit more inquisitive of my surroundings. and if anything were to be taken from this movie, is that we live in a society that matters not for the betterment of the whole but for the select. but we didnt really need this movie to tell us that.

  58. unknown says:

    Thought the movie was great. There are inconsistancies and most may be based on theories instead of fact but one aspect I completely agreed with was the idea that television is a way to manipulate. Whoever controls the “tube” controls the minds of millions. It is up to us to look at things intelligently and decide whether we want to believe them or not. I have always known this, the movie just solidified this notion. As far as the idea of religion. There are myths in every religion. These myths are written and passed on to set a guidline of what is believed to good in the world. It is not the myths that corrupt but the men who use them to control people either by telling them to kill in the name of religion or to give money in the name of religion. I was watching a infomercial yesterday that was on one of those religious chanels. There was a man trying to sell miracle water that could heal cancer or other diseases! This is manipulation of religion for self interest. As far as some of the other theories. The North American Trade Uniion is very real. I have a friend who did a report in school on this. Things are happening around us. I don’t believe we will ever now the full truths but we can always question what we are told is the truth. This is why educaiton is so important. This way children realize that scientific theory outways religous theories of water to wine, parting of seas etc. It is not the common rational person we have to worry about, but the ones that believe miracle water can cure cancer. I’ve watched this movie three times now. I am realizing the more I watch the more I ask myself questions regarding the world around me.

  59. The American Population says:

    what can we do now..we’re way too deep in this mess and it is true, the revolution is now, and we are helpless. we’re fucked

  60. The American Population says:

    PS Jons an idiot

  61. The American Population says:

    “Jon” didn’t even comment on the political aspect of the movie. Stop defending yourself we all already know religion and more specifically christianity is one percent truth (god) and 99 percent bullshit (everything else) you fucking shit. If the world comes to end by the return of the savior, burn me in hell ill deserve it. If it doesn’t, “Jon’s” life will be a waste of time where you were manipulated by the religion to spend countless hours of your life praising an organization, a god damn company who you and your family gave countless amounts of money too. These people, (not Jon, the leaders of the “christian company”) are merely leaches to society, feeding off everything they can get.

    (when i went to spell checked this paragraph i thought it was amusing how it told me to capitilize christianity, do you see how this religion is forced upon us every day and we dont even realize, i ignored Word’s christianty corrections. fuckin Word)

  62. I found this blog looking for all kinds of various feedback that “Zeitgeist — The Movie” is generating. And, because I saw that this blogger describe the disccusion over at JREF as being a “generally well-educated crowd” picking the movie apart, I checked it out.

    What a frustrating waste of time that was… I found many jaded, indoctrinated posters, but few who showed any signs of being even moderately educated, much less well-educated. It appears that there is a counterpart to religious fundamentalism that is deeply dedicated to defending the “war on terror” at any means. Very intolerant group over there — like kids with “Santa Claus Syndrome” the day before Christmas.

    For those of you looking to download “Zeitgeist,” they have recently added a downloads link with 3 different formats. I gotta warn you, though, the download speed is pretty slow, even with an ADSL connection.

    Cheers! Psyblog…

  63. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    Great discussion Revolution needs so badly, a lively discussion of the movie so everyone has a chance to have their say. This is what makes this a true peoples Revolution.
    We are so plaesed by the response of the world to the truth in Zeitgeist, it is overwhelming.
    I will be posting official Zeitgeist announcements. If there is a problem let me know.
    Here is the latest one.
    Thanks, The Revolution is now!

    Tim from Zietgiest

    Don’t’ believe Elitist lies about Zeitgeist. It is all true.8/02/07

    These fools try to bring up Wikipedia as a source; unfortunately the entries are driven by the editors and not by truth.
    They refused Zeitgeist movie permanent entry status even when I pointed out the errors in their arguments. I had proof but they still chose to keep the entry in the considered for removal category.
    They won’t even correct this because cadres of neocon operatives have removed many legitimate entries from the Truth Movement in the past.
    I even challenged them on this and they are too spineless to answer me back.
    Wikipedia is now a neocon sham and bears little resemblance to a real encyclopedia as far as accuracy is concerned.
    I would like to know when the entry for Horace was made and modified. What has been deleted from the entry and what is not said in it?
    Don’t believe their lies. Why didn’t this come up before? Funny how that is!
    They are spitting because I have a count of 5.4million views since I started this in July.
    Google only reports about 1/8 of the actual count, I know because I watched it a few days and no matter how many times Zeitgeist was #1 upon the next click it was at the bottom again.
    Yesterday I went to all the Google video countries in America and Europe and discovered that their count doesn’t include America. Also they are very much under counted. I saw the same pattern of behavior in Europe as in America.
    This is all spreading despite a blackout in the media.
    Understand what has happened, without any real contribution from the mass media we have achieved an army of over 9 million people.
    This cannot be stopped.
    This is a true revolution of the masses getting ready to tell the masters ENOUGH!
    You so called progressive talkers have not one full set of anything between you.
    You have become fat and comfortable with your own delusions of importance. You like the notoriety of being seen with the Elite. The people are telling you to run with Zeitgeist but because many of you would like to put your own special spin on it or take credit for it you shun Zeitgeist.
    Ya that’s right, I AM THE ONLY FIRST!!!
    The only other gutsy person is Jeff Farias of NOVAM Network.
    You are all very self serving. I on the other hand only benefit if we all pass down the road I have proposed. The only thing I get is the satisfaction that I have done what was needed for the good of all. What you got on your side eh? Self promotion, engraissement etc.
    From now on the people will have a say in what is going on. Do you hear the fleeting sound of your support waning.
    You Elitists who haven’t seen it or reject it, can you feel your support waning for the world you would make with death and destruction. Can you feel how your betters are deserting you, can you hear?
    I have mail from some of you Elitists who have seen the light. Good show folks. Way to see the light. It is only a MATTER OF TIME.
    Elitists if you have read my proposal and seen the movie you know what must be done if you believe. Pressure your brothers as never before to give you all a far better world than you all live in now. Your children free to walk around without fear. Never more to be considered pariahs by the people but instead our true saviors who take all the people of earth to the best future you ever saw.
    Think of it, unlimited opportunities to profit from a free world.
    Elitists crunch the numbers and see that I am right, a Confederation from crust to core, a world, living in freedom, peace and achievement.
    This is the blessing of Zeitgeist Truth. Peace, freedom, and finally able to see the light after so many eon’s in darkness.
    There is a beautiful future ahead and Zeitgeist provides the tool to achieve it.
    GORE IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT ALONG WITH EDWARDS AS VP. Think of it as a chance to have another dream team like John and Bobby in power. These two guys will get us through the horrible effects of Global warming.
    We need to act as fast as possible if we are to avoid the horrible loss of life that till come.
    I saw a movie called After the Warming on PBS in the late 80s by James Burke. It changed the way I looked at the future and gave me a resolve to do something about it before it was too late. This movie blew my mind with the scope of the devastation of the globe and horrible loss of life,
    everyone should see it so you understand what I mean.
    It is with this in mind I have chosen these two to do the job and along with whom they know I am certain they are the only game in town.
    Gore is the only one who deserves it; he has always been my president. They both have the mettle it takes unlike any of their opponents. Edwards will be very busy helping Gore with the time we have left. Hillary is far too caught up in the DLC, corporatists of the Democratic Party.
    Sorry Obama, you lost me on Wed. You really said that? By the way, thanks very much Mister Kocinich, you deserve honor. You have been a lone voice in the wilderness and you are the best. The rest don’t matter.
    I firmly believe that the office of Vice President should be as the Presidents right hand man carrying out his policies and essentially become the White House chief of staff and the man who ensures policy is followed. The hired gun if you will.
    The VP should be a job of grooming rather than just a political boot licker. I strongly say that it needs far better men than we have seen.
    They must have the resume to the job and maybe a civil service grade.
    This is a people’s revolt and it cannot be stopped.
    It is totally bloodless and safe for every person on Earth. You revolt with your computer clicks and telling everybody about it. The lawyers take over when the pressure is applied and it all ends up as law.
    Always remember that the Elitists need us as much as we need them. They are the ones with the organizations to save this old world of ours, we are the reasons they exist. It is totally symbiotic; one cannot exist without the other.
    The only question is will the symbiosis be of slavery or of all befitting from this.
    Let me know what you think, I will try to honor all comments.
    50,000,000 views by Sept.
    Remember; Z or Zeitgeist everywhere, deluge your government with inquiries to do something about it, Hit every single media outlet around talk and do something about it..
    Demand Zeitgeist Peace! Shove it down their throats.
    Jeff Farias, http://www.jefffarias.com/

  64. So What Are We Gonna Do? says:

    I have read all of the entries on this page and not one has discussed what we as humans can do about this situation. Alright I have read to ask questions but I think we are beyond that now, we need action! How as one race (the human race) can we let this happen? How can we bring up our children in such a corrupt world? Whatever is truth or lies in this movie, one thing is true our world as a whole is going down and we are going with it. I am one for sure who is not going to go down without a fight! We as a people need to come together and fight for what is rightfully ours, Our FREEDOM!! The very people who say war is for our freedom, are the very people who are going to take our freedom away from us. How many more men, women and children have to die?

  65. Nonchai says:

    A classic case of what you can do if you mix facts with a large amount of conjecture and paranoia and lead the viewer the “connect the dots”. The originator of this movie is guilty of the same crime as he accuses the powerful in his movie of – leading the dumb “viewer” to make links that cannot be proven but are suggested by giving them a whole pile of “dots” to follow.

    There are many things in this movie that may be true. Others that i agree with, but the connections made are iffy and too loose to base any “revolution” upon.

  66. Janis says:

    What I choose to take from this film is that JESUS the MAN existed as A MAN. He was CHRISTED (or “Anointed” as the movie translates “Christed”) or “The Chosen One” to be the SYMBOL of the Christian faith. I have no problem with the idea that Jesus THE MAN married, had a child or children and lived to be a very old man before dying and being buried in France (yes, France, according to researchers). I think it’s more conceivable to say that Jesus existed as a MAN and was pegged as being the ONE by virtue of his evolved nature. This I can accept. Parts II and III of the movie I accept without question as I don’t trust my neighbor let alone my government!

  67. Tina says:

    To Michael Barber and about his comment on the supposed lies about the connection of Jesus’ story and Horus. They are not lies. Here is a website and if you look at all of the sources at the bottom, you will see that these statements are true. http://www.religioustolerance.org/chr_jcpa5.htm
    I am not saying everything in this movie is true and the creators do not make that claim either. In fact, they ENCOURAGE people to research and learn for themselves unlike religious institutions and governmental agencies would. This movie is about making people wake up and choose to no longer be or support ignorance. It is about taking responsibility for yourself and your life and using the mind we were all given rather than letting it rot. There are a lot of points in this movie that I immediately began to research and so far have found overwhelming evidence to the movies’ truths. I still have a lot to look into, but so far, I must say this is more honest and thought provoking than the political news spoonfed to us through the corrupt media. Please, rather than attack the movie, open your mind and actually take the time to find the answers for yourself, you will be surprised at how much is true. Ignorance and laziness is more of an enemy to the human race than anything else and there are people that are counting on it.

  68. Tom says:

    This is to TIM from Zeitgeist.

    Man, you had me with most of your film. But your rambling post above kinda makes me wonder what your ulimate point is? Is it ego related? It seems like it’s suddenly all about YOU, Tim, not about any revolution. This is what gets me so pissed off because I’m in total agreement with the power issues discussed in the film. I’m not in agreement to the whole Jesus part. I believe he existed but as a man who spread the word of love and compassion and then he was used by the Church and diefied in the 4th Century so that the Church could have more power. But when you, Tim, get so ramped up and start spouting all this random crap, you come off as unhinged and that’s not going to sell the Zeitgeist message. It just gives the Powers That Be more ammo to discredit those of us who can’t see a way out from their control.

    Tim, you seriously think GORE and EDWARDS are a choice??? Come on, man. What???? Are you really affiliated with the film or are you just hijacking their name to get attention? Because, I cannot believe that the people who made this film would promote Gore/Edwards as the “right choice.” My God, man. Do some research!

    Now, Ron Paul….that’s a different choice and a choice that I’m planning to work toward. I know that whatever happens in 2008 will shape our world for a long time and I’m not willing to sit back and be chipped, marked, screwed and tattooed into submission.

    Take it down a couple notches, Tim. We’re on the same wagon, buddy. I’m all for a revolution but the Powers That Be have made sure to drug and dumb down enough of us so that nobody has the willpower to do much of anything anymore.

    Those in control are SO few compared to those of us who are slaves to the powerbrokers. We could stamp it out if we were united. But there has to be an intelligent united front—not one that reeks of bi-polar hysteria.

  69. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    Heard my name bandied about so I though I would chime in.
    As to the rantings, I have quite a few people agreeing with me so I would seriously question your credentials especially since you have never met me. You have a problem with my taking credit? You would do the same in my shoes but with far less affect. I have seen so much bullshit these past years and decided I had enough and that it was time to do something about it.
    I saw my chance and have taken it. It is as simple as that.
    No one else has gotten the truth out to so many in such a short time. what other movie in the so called Truth Movement has done that?
    Ya! I got the right to take credit, isn’t that what this country is all about ?
    As to how I write, stick it in your ear!
    I write for effect so bugger off mate not to soothe the whims of your kind!
    You claim you are with me, HA! You and you so called progressives are the same yuppies that have always like the look and feel of freedom but homogenized and nicey nice.
    I have watch your kind p[lay nicey nice with baddy bad people and yet have run over you all at every turn. I site the current ineffectual congressional delegation.
    they have no reason to do anything to help us all because I tell, you that they are compromised to the extent that they will not do anything to help us.
    Either we demand Zeitgeist truth be investigated and pressure applied. it is the free flow knowledge that will give us victory that is why it is so vital that everyone no matter of persuasion see and talk and demand something be done.
    You question my choices for President and Vice President well think about this. I bet you both Obama and Clinton self destruct before long. The evidence is there that they are not presidential material. all this bitch slapping and cat fighting will gain them nothing but an apathetic population. They already see the pettiness of both of these people and that spells death to the public. They also suck the hind teat of of the DLC, one of the scummiest as in Elitist operation related to democratic party history.
    By the time this is all done, Gore and Edwards will be the only winnable candidates left.
    As I said, they are the only ones with the connections and in Gores case the only one who deserves the right to be called Mr. President.
    They are the only ones with they mettle to do what has to be done quickly as possible.
    I have studied so many different things I cannot remember them all, I made myself interested in about everything. A result of having to always find things out for myself and see them through my mind instead of the mind of some professor in school. You know I cannot remember one teacher that ever struck me as someone to listen too. I always found out what it meant to me first, that is how I have become a computer hardware specialist. As a kid I even had to make my own toys some times because there wasn’t enough for them.
    I had to think for myself and what I saw was devastating. I saw what the political process was all upside down with no room for most peoples needs. It was all geared to war.
    I am just stopping the world from self destructing again.
    You folks without a spine get a clue, You are on the way to tattoos by thinking to much and doing it too damn late! Just as the Jews did. The Jewish Intellectuals thought they could control Hitler in the beginning and we know where that led. I saw this with Bush when no one else did. Think of how I felt with the false flag of 9/11, classic operation. Where was the outrage at Bush?
    He stole the election but still most people stood behind him. What the hell is that?
    We would believe the words of a traitor to America and follow him into hell.
    Just how do you think I have felt these many years that I have been watching all this crap unfold before me and not able to do anything about it. I got sick of it all and looked for something to use and Zeitgeist was that tool I was looking for.
    I am doing my bit so how about all of you.
    Ya, I can take credit for doing this whole thing, I deserve it because I prepared for it!


  70. Mike says:

    I seriously doubt that Tim is who he proclaims to be. Why would the editor of zeitgeist make a statement on a platform like this when he has his own very successful platform?

    I smell a JREF rat.

  71. Lao Tze says:

    I dont believe Tim is from Zeitgeist.Why is his words are full of poison and hatred, not the message from the movie? We are all one, love will set us free. Acting out from feelings of anger will only do harm, we are all in this together and there is no one who hasnt suffered, even the persons in power are victims of the system we live in, as it separates us from ourself. As long as fear rules our lives things will never change and those who has it all( power, money, knowledge) and cling on to it in fear of loosing it is as much victims as anyone else. This revolution is real on all levels of existence, inside and outside. Dont forget, dont project.

  72. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    God what a bunch of losers that cannot even look in the mirror for your own faults.
    It is no wonder you all have done such a horrible job of ruling our world.
    You cannot see past your own self interest and still cling to lies to back up what you say.
    Hurtful comments, give me a break, what kind of people just sit there and do absolutely nothing. Instead of arguing as to my legitimacy how about spending your time promoting this film. You don’t believe me, you are truly blind and cannot read.
    Get off the Buddhist Kick, it was all a lie to cloud the masses and find reason to enslave them.
    You follow us and…….
    Compared to the least of us you all have been living in high clover so don’t kid your selfs.
    You know suffering of a different kind but you have the luxury of flipping a few bills and it is all gone or at least you can get help for it. this isn’t’ the privilege the vast least of us have. You are also supposed to have the education to know damn well better what to do. you have failed the rest of us because of your pig headed way of flipping the rest of us off and leaving the mess you have created.
    I have already addressed this before in a previous post elsewhere.
    I have said that to an extent you are also victims but I cannot answer to your horrendous upbringing that made you the way you are. but now that you know the truth don’t ever do to your children what was done to you.
    IT MUST STOP WITH YOU! No more damn abuse! No more bringing up children that will destroy the rest of us. If you don’t’ know how to bring up your children there are plenty of reputable agencies who can help you .
    You deserve scrutiny until you show better behavior towards all the people who help support you and truly treating all men as equals instead of slaves at your feet.
    This is dependent on a view of your performance as true members of the human race instead of frauds.
    I hope this clears up any more questions about these topics.

  73. Lao Tze says:

    One of the main messages of Buddha was; Dont accepts anyones truth, find your own. Question everything. As far as Im concerned Tim is clouded by ignorance on the subject of what buddhism tries to teach, the enligthenment of the mind.

  74. Lao Tze says:

    As far as clearing up things Im a bit confused, you dont know anyones background on this site, where they live or what they do for a living. Still you put a clear judgement out. What faults do you see in your mirror Tim?

  75. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    I am sure you believe in Buddha but as we see in Zeitgeist it is also based on a FRAUD.
    You are using something to criticize me with a fraudulent god.
    You haven’t seen the movie have you?

  76. Lao Tze says:

    Buddha isnt a god, if I hadnt seen the movie what would I be here for, commenting on something I dont know anything about?

  77. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    Also I look in the mirror for my own faults or I wouldn’t’ be able to see yours.
    I at least make it a point to do some thing every day to make the world a far better place.
    What do you have on your side eh?
    I sleep the sleep of someone who chooses to live righteously and know I have accomplished something that has never been done before. If you can prove me wrong go ahead, I invite it in fact I love it. I am a man with a plan and NO compunction to pulling my punches. I am kind but will not stand for lies.
    You don’t’ like I can be an asshole but look at what your complacency has done to the world these many eons. You all have to be waken up as it may already be too late. This world needs an asshole to wake it up.
    You are utter and complete failure as far as mankind is concerned, just look at the body counts caused by you religious failures.!

  78. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    No he isn’t but he is a reason used to make people conform and enslave, especially women, and as to the movie I say your didn’t quite get it. If you speak English as a second language wait for the translation in fact why don’t you translate it into your own tongue. I have been calling for people to translate it for some time.

  79. Lao Tze says:

    Its ok Tim, Im not here to attack you, we all have our faults. Everyday I try to live for the best of all sentient beings, I do it to the best of my ability, Im only human. Nothing more can be asked of me.

  80. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    Good now get out there and promote this film. Defiantly get it translated, OK?

  81. Lao Tze says:

    Go see a shrink, ok? The movie was good but your rambling just makes me wanna stuff the whole Zeitgeist down your throat, either you are just full of crap or you need serious therapy. Either way I will not continue this conversation.

  82. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    What is your problem then eh? You just want to cause trouble. Question your beliefs before you question mine. I have made mine clear but what are yours then.
    I touched a very touchy nerve, me thinks I have hit the mark.
    Instead of truth you want pablum, sorry I don’t feed babies here, just people who want the world changed for the better.
    You hate me now but you will see I am right. No problem we still want you all, everyone is welcome to change the world as never before for the better.
    This is the greatest adventure the world has ever seen, the unification of all sentient beings of earth, a true Confederation. To live in truth and understanding and Unity for the betterment of the whole damn planet.
    It is clear to me you need to understand it better, look at with a fresh eye barring your own belief system for one that is much simpler. it says in the Bible that every man has Righteousness built in. It is only how we access that righteousness is our choice. We don’t need gods or manifestations to pray to when we can all speak to god directly with our prayers.
    In my life I, long ago, knew that something was keeping me alive despite all the opportunities I had to die. I somehow have lived more than 50 years in relatively good health despite them.
    I spent most of my life searching for a way to help man out of the cycle of destruction of our world and go the way of peace. I have found it and I am using it.
    We are everyone responsible for every action we have ever taken and this revolution is about, Admittance, Remembering, Atonement and ultimately Closure and Forgiveness without prosecutions. Don’t want them to blow things up again eh?
    Bloodless Revolution to save the planet and our homes.

  83. Mike says:

    Perhaps your statements would be better served on the main zeitgeist site, Tim? They would certainly reach a wider audience.

    Looking forward to updates.

  84. Frits says:

    Altough i do not believe everything shown in the movie its absolutely a MUST SEE!

    Does anyone know who the angry showmaster is? IN the full version the scene is between 1:39:39/ 1:41:41.


  85. Tom says:

    Is there anyone from Zeitgeist manning this discussion? If so, I’d be interested if they’d chime in and either admit that Tim is with them or not. Frankly, if he’s with them, they need to tell him to take the hatred down.

    Yes, I get it, Tim. You’ve had enough of the crap, of the same pablum year after year. They just passed another bill yesterday (Sunday) to do warrantless searches in the name of terrorism. I see it, Tim! I get it! But don’t you get it that you are NOT helping this movement; you are half-cockedf and making newbies to the Great Realization just get disgusted and reject it all??? Why is it that every damn time there’s a clear need for a revolution, people like Tim join the crowd? They don’t help the movement; they denigrate it.

    Hey, Tim, I’m not a wimp or anything else you want to call me. I’ve been in MANY movements to effect change and, no, they’re not right or left wing groups. I’ve spent a great deal of my 68 years getting the word out. IT ALL BEGINS WITH ONE VOICE, ONE PERSON AND THEN A MOVEMENT STARTS. But if you continue the hatred and name calling, nobody is going to listen. Who told you that creating polarity via your hatred is helpful?

    I get that we’re in a helluva mess and it breaks my heart to see what our country has become. What’s fascinating to me is that I’m not an atheist but I’m posting on an atheist website. I’m not religious either. I believe in an energy force that co-governs the universe with each soul. I’m not stuck on Jesus being anything more than an enlightened man. I’m not weak and I’m not a tree hugger or anything else you want to tag me.

    I want to live free and not be chipped into submission.

    I want to leave this world being at peace with my heart and what I’ve done in this world.

    I’m not into hating people just because they don’t believe as I do.

    I’m not willing to sit around and wait for some drone to tell me what I should be doing.

    But you say, get the word out about Zeitgeist. I have done that. But then what? Just rant and rant about what YOU have done? Where’s the solution, Tim? Kill ’em? Come on. Gore and Edwards? That’s a joke. I don’t have any answers and you don’t either except talk about the movie and make sure tons of people see it. Great. And then…..?


  86. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    Yes Mike it would but I don’t’ operate the site so I don’t know what to tell you. I really appreciate being able to rant here and post the updates but will ease off a bit. cannot get everyone angry at me.
    I kick buts to wake people up but someone has to be gentile too. sometimes I forget.
    When you have a goal such as mine you concentrate and put all your efforts into it you only focus on that if you are to succeed.
    i need to find a blog site to host Zeitgeist ideas and postings so everyone has a chance to say what they feel. You may not be able\e to handle the traffic but if you all have suggestions please post them, I could use some good suggestions.
    I don’t know who Peter is though he has been supportive of my actions to date.
    I need folks to brainstorm so we can accomplish this thing in the least time possible.
    Saving lives is my 1st priority and always will be.
    I have made it easy for elitists and us to make out big time with my plan, I suspect that is why I am still alive. I have made this the most attractive offer ever made.
    if you don’t understand post and I will put it up here.
    Thanks for the positive feed back.
    Tim from Zeitgeist

  87. David says:

    Tim acts as if Zeitgeist is a RELIGION. Case in point:

    Tim says: “I am sure you believe in Buddha but as we see in Zeitgeist it is also based on a FRAUD.”

    Huh? “As we see in Zeitgeist…?” Sounds like a cult to me.

    So, it seems, even Zeitgeist has a religious tenor?

    I agree with Tom. This Tim guy seriously can’t be from the film’s group. If so, they just blew it for me.

    Oh, and, I actually loved the film.

    Guess it’s time for another appearance by Tim to go ghetto on us.

  88. Avery says:


    The angry showmaster is noneother than the great actor Peter Finch. The film is Network from 1976. The script gave the world the immortal “I’m mad as hell” line. GREAT FILM. Way ahead of its time. Rent it and be amazed. (By the way, Finch one the Oscar after his death for his portrayal in the film.)

  89. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    Buddhism is a fraud just like all the religions of the past all based on ideas made up before our collective memories.
    As to me going ghetto, I am sure it looks like that, when you all have been asleep for so long any change that is tough looks threatening.
    by the way isn’t that kind of a slur? not something who really wants change would say is it?
    You are deluded to think Zeitgeist is anything but the truth presented in a way for all see.
    Zeitgeist is a religion, give me a break.

  90. Tom says:

    Wait, wait, wait.

    Tim is “from Zeitgeist” but he doesn’t know Peter J.??? But Peter J. has “been supportive” of his actions?

    Oh, shit. Tim’s psychotic.

  91. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    What an asshole!
    The only reason Peter and I are alive is because we don’t know each other.
    we were on Jeff Farias’s show the week of July 9-13, I think Friday if you want to check me out feel free!

  92. Avery says:

    Tim, give a link to your interview. I tried to access it via Jeff’s site and can’t find it. Thank you.

  93. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    I would think you could get the transcript if not the show from them. Peter E-mailed me that he would be on so I called in, it might have been on that Monday but not sure.
    I have posted on Jeff’s site an article and if you look in the archives you can see when Peter was scheduled to be on for Zeitgeist. It is there that week.
    If you get a copy of the show let me know so I can maybe score a copy from your post where you can get it. I announced when we had 1 million views on that show.
    I was also on a couple of days later as I recall.

  94. Avery says:

    Went to the archives and found after a great deal of searching that Peter J. was on in the THIRD hour on Friday, July 13th. But when I went to pull up the page and hear the interview, here is what I got:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /podcasts/farias/premium/FariasShow-(13-07-2007)c.mp3 was not found on this server.

    The page is found here of all the interviews: feed://novamnetwork.com/podcasts/farias/farias.xml

    By the way, all the other shows are available. Just not that hour of that day. Frustrating.

  95. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    I have a solution to this whole thing, I will try to call in to Jeff’s show and let you hear it from him. Why don’t you all call him yourselves and mention my name in connection with Peter. try it for your selves.

  96. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    AverY that is weird. WOW!

  97. Avery says:

    Tim, can’t call into the show. I’m at work and calling into a radio show ain’t gonna happen.

    Checked and found out that HOUR 2 is also unavailable on that day (July 13th). If you know Jeff, call him up and ask him to check the status of those two shows and reload them or whatever.

  98. Avery says:

    OK. Checked further. There are other shows that are also “Not Found.” So, I don’t know if any grand conspiracy against Zeitgeist.

  99. Corey says:

    Looks like Peter J. is going to be on Jeff Rense’s show tonight, first hour?


  100. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    Here is the link,

    [audio src="http://novamnetwork.com/podcasts/farias/premium/FariasShow-(13-07-2007)c.mp3" /]

    It is at the last third of the segment.


  101. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    What a dolt i am, here is the page you start with and go down to 7/13/07, the last third of the segment.
    I open my yap to announce 1 million people.


    Thanks, Tim

  102. Avery says:


    No dice. Tried to access the page and I get the same “Not Found” message. I even emailed it to a friend and he couldn’t open it either. What’s up?


  103. Patrick says:

    If this guy is from Zeitgeist, I have no interest in promoting this movie.

    I can’t objectively say Zeitgeist is the truth and as we’ve seen with ‘Loose Change’ and ‘Fahrenheit 451’ there are a million sites out there that debunk claims made in these documentaries. Follow every fact to its source and then we’ll know the truth. I can’t in good conscience promote a movie when I know nothing about its motives and I haven’t been able to do the research on my own. If I believed it without doing the research, then whats the difference of me believing anything else that is said or shown to me. Isn’t the idea to find out for yourself?
    So, why then is this guy Tim up here promoting blind action.

    “shove it down their throats he says”

  104. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    Either you have not seen the film or you are ignorant. You don’t get it do you.
    This revolution is about all of us winning. instead of criticizingly me get out there and promote the film. this blog is a microcosm for the progressive movement.
    everyone arguing, everyone wanting to put their own spin on things everyone wanting to have their opinions heard. We are the heart of the people of Earth. if we cannot get something done when their is and easily understand guide to the truth how in hell will we run a world.
    we got to see the goal as the reason for movement not to homogenize the message and come down on the messenger for just telling the truth as it is.

  105. Corey says:

    I’m going to check out Peter J. on Jeff Rense’s show tonight. See for myself. I understand that he only goes by “J” because of death threats and I get that people die who speak out. I’m not sure why they combined a segment on Jesus with a movie about 9/11 and the Federal Reserve. I kept waiting for them to tie it all together in the end. Like, via our blind devotion and fear of God, we believe everything we’re told and we’re going to hell in a handbasket, except the Zeitgeisters don’t believe in Hell.

    I agree with Tom in that Tim is just ranting too much. I don’t listen to people who rant at me because it makes me suspicious of their motives and their mindset.

    I can’t begin to check the facts of the Jesus part of this movie. I did a quick search on Horus and Set and found so many references, I gave up. Jesus was supposedly born in September, not December….oh, that is if he even existed. See, I think he did exist but that he was used by the Church to further their powerful agenda. Why can’t that be enough of a shock? I can wrap my mind around the idea that his death and resurrection was staged or never happened at all. But I think it’s going a little off the road to say he never existed. It’s not that I need to believe Jesus lived in order to live my life. It’s just that the esoteric understanding of the “Christ Consciousness” is far more deep than just a man named Jesus.

    And, frankly, every time I talk to an atheist, they always seem so angry and combative. They don’t seem like very happy people. Very brooding types. If that’s what it takes to be an atheist, I’d rather find something else to drive my life.

  106. Jack says:


    You’ve called people an asshole, a loser, ignorant and more. How in the hell is anyone supposed to rally behind you if you are so antagonistic and unable to rationally debate this subject?

    I’ve tried to download that interview and I can’t do it either. I wanted to hear your voice so I could get an idea of what you sound like because on this forum, you sound unhinged.

    Dude, keep this up and you’re gonna stroke out or have a heart attack. Your “lock and load” mentality is playing right into their hands. You are the kind of people they use as “poster boys” for the opposing voice.

    Is Peter J. really, truly, seriously giving you the thumbs up for what you’re doing for his film?? If so, I can’t promote it. Sorry. But your anger just turned me off.

  107. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    Well tell me something, have all the nicey nice words and manners you judge me for lacking had one damn effect on what is happening? Have any of you ever had any success with stopping what has happened?
    Your way of confronting this all has failed at every turn. if I listened to you advising me to be this same failure i would not have had the success this has become.
    I have watched failure after failure after failure of the democratic process to succeed at any of there lofty goals and sold out our country by ignoring the truth.
    You like cutting me up because it is east to do when you lack vision.
    You want the messenger to be you when you are failures at getting this done.
    You cannot handle the truth because you fear anything that isn’t now.
    You choose to only see the trees but miss the forest.
    In all of this talk I have been hearing I have yet to find anyone who has a better plan to challenge mine with.You want to criticize me but where are your no proofs of my being wrong.
    Where are your plans?
    Let us see you do better thsn me.

  108. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    Here is my basic plan in case you missed it.

    I called for all attorneys’ July 10, 2007 to see the movie Zeitgeist. I put it in everywhere.
    I had a running battle with the neocons keeping it on the list and I won!
    I knew when they stopped deleting it in Washington DC I was victorious.
    Attorneys’ smell money and blood and an interesting case.
    That is what they live for.
    This is s battle for the planet and Zeitgeist is proof of crime.
    Because so many have already seen my adds and the movie it will it is already too late for you elitist scum.
    Instead of staying scum join us to build the new world. It will be far more profitable and really fun.
    Yes you will lose most of your money but you will still be rich and safe from harm.
    I propose we end this fight and start building now.
    Because the crimes are so great and have been going on for so long, how do you prosecute?
    There is no punishment to fit the crimes so we are left with this.
    How do we do it so you won’t be seeking to harm us anymore?
    We don’t need another Germany!
    I propose we do it like South Africa did, remembering crime, confession and closure. Forgiveness will take time but your help in good faith will go a long way to healing the rift.
    It is the only way I see to get out of the holocaust that could follow and the quickest way to get through the coming world depression.
    You all weren’t’ around when this all started. All your lives you knew of nothing but being as you are. Many of you don’t know any better but, you will have to be able to show that you won’t continue the perverse upbringing many of you experienced.
    Your offspring will have to truly be people of the world and be trained as people who join the rest of us. That is your responsibility! If you don’t know how there is plenty of help out there to do so.
    You need to know you will be safe and we need your money.
    I think that is a very fair trade for all the suffering you have caused. You have done so much wrong.
    Live and let live or we all die!
    We are entering a new age and I have bought this about.
    I believe you will make the right decision as the consequences are so devastating. The world is exploding because of what you’ve done, and you will get caught in the fallout. But do a good will gesture to the world and the time will be considerably better. Start helping to repair what you have done and that will go considerably toward healing the wound. You won’t have to look over your shoulder so much.
    Don’t think about declaring martial law as too many people know already what you are doing.
    GORE IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT ALONG WITH EDWARDS AS VP. Think of it as a chance to have another dream team like John and Bobby in power. These two guys will get us through the horrible effects of Global warming.
    We need to act as fast as possible if we are to avoid the horrible loss of life that till come.
    I saw a movie called After the Warming on PBS in the late 80s by James Burke. It changed the way I looked at the future and gave me a resolve to do something about it before it was too late. This movie blew my mind with the scope of the devastation of the globe and horrible loss of life,
    everyone should see it so you understand what I mean.
    It is with this in mind I have chosen these two to do the job and along with whom they know I am certain they are the only game in town.
    Gore is the only one who deserves it; he has always been my president. They both have the mettle it takes unlike any of their opponents. Edwards will be very busy helping Gore with the time we have left. Hillary is far too caught up in the DLC, corporatists of the Democratic Party.
    Sorry Obama, you lost me on Wed. You really said that? By the way, thanks very much Mister K., you deserve honor. You have been a lone voice in the wilderness and you are the best. The rest don’t matter.
    I firmly believe that the office of Vice President should be as the Presidents right hand man carrying out his policies and essentially become the White House chief of staff and the man who ensures policy is followed. The hired gun if you will.
    The VP should be a job of grooming rather than just a political boot licker. I strongly say that it needs far better men than we have seen.
    They must have the resume to the job and maybe a civil service grade.
    I know he went to get approval of the Bildenberger’s but as things progress I think he will come around.
    Two marvelous presidents in a row, just think of it.
    They are the only ones that can push this through with the right people.
    We can all live, that is the beauty of it.
    THE REVOLUTION IS NOW. NOW OR NEVER PASS IT ON. Our world depends on it.

  109. Tim from Zeitgeist says:

    Thanks for deleting my last post.
    I am just a bit tired these days and sometimes my editing isn’t so good.
    thank you!

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