Religion and Politics Should Never Marry

I came across a very well-put Guest Commentary in the Oregon Daily Emerald. Dr. Todd Huffman writes about the intermingling of Politics and Religion:

Religion and politics, while allowed to mingle, must never be permitted to marry. The awful offspring of such a marriage have perpetrated some of the worst crimes of history, and we must do everything in our power as religious Americans or secular Americans to prevent such a union from ever taking place here.

For the rest of this article, click here.


3 Responses to Religion and Politics Should Never Marry

  1. vjack says:

    One of the things that makes me so mad about this sort of thing (and there are many) is that I hear many Christians saying, “Bad things may have happened in the past, but we aren’t like that now.” They easily dismiss something like the Inquisition as ancient history without stopping to realize that Pat Robertson + police power would equal a modern version of the same thing.

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