Coulter, Romney Joke About Hating “Liberal Atheists”

Check out this little “behind the scenes” gem. It catches some great moments of Christian Conservatism.

Video Description:Mitt Romney and Ann Coulter CPAC 2007 Backstage together right before she went onstage. Earlier – COULTER: You know, a photo of you and me together is going to be famous when you do something I don’t like and I viciously attack you. ROMNEY: Never, that will never happen, never will happen. Later – COULTER: No, they don’t undertand! We hate Liberal Atheists! You can’t get these sectarian wars going with us. We’re all Christians. ROMNEY: There’s no Sunni or Shia here.

Also note the two discussing Focus on the Family’s Dobson and his stance on the election.

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3 Responses to Coulter, Romney Joke About Hating “Liberal Atheists”

  1. Kelly says:

    (new here, came across a promo for this post!) Coulter is so full of it. I’ve heard many an Evangelical Christian (including my inlaws) refer to Mormonism as a cult. Here she is kissing up to Romney by letting him know that “we’re all Christians.”
    I’m guessing that a lot of conservative Christians are feeling like Romney is the best they’ve got right now, so they are suddenly very tolerant of Mormons.
    Great blog, btw!

  2. Karroog says:

    Yeah, Romney has no chance to begin with. Another thing to consider, COULTER JUST CALLED ATHEIST VS CHRISTIANS A SECTARIAN WAR. LEARN TO LIVE WITH ONE ANOTHER DUMB BROAD!

  3. Sampson says:


    Sort of beating a dead horse there . . . .

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