The Appearance of Atheists

I think the general population, at least the general Christian population has a pre-conceived notion of what atheists look like:

Here, a trio of atheists prepare to wreak havoc on small neighborhood children.

The dark lord Doug prepares to battle his bible school teacher to a live-role-playing-game simulation.

Atheist band “Hell Smells” prepares to release their debut album, “God’s a Poopyhead.”

In reality, what do atheists look like? Well here’s one for starters:

Amber Heard - atheist

Amber Heard, actress, is an atheist. Brent from unscrewing the inscrutable made a plea for her to be an atheist spokesperson. While I would argue the last thing we need is another official spokesperson, it wouldn’t hurt for America to learn about her. Plus, she’s got a sensible haircut. Let’s take another look:
Amber Heard


One Response to The Appearance of Atheists

  1. godma says:

    Yeah, I could watch her not believing in God all day long.

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