Creationist Art Gallery

No More Hornets has a hilarious “Creationist Art Museum” post today. Here’s an excerpt:

Francisco Goya: Darwin Eating His Child (1821-23)

It’s a little-known fact, fortunately documented for posterity by Goya, that Charles Darwin once ate one of his children. Darwin and the child were both naked at the time.


Edvard Munch: Don’t Let This Happen to Your Kid! (1893)

In the early 1890s, Munch visited a number of high school biology classes in Norway. He was much moved by the reactions of students while they were being taught evolutionary theory. In this painting, the artist captures perfectly the emotions of one of the children, who has just heard the evil propaganda that his parents were monkeys. It is not known for sure whether the boy jumped over the bridge or not, but wouldn’t you?

More here.

This is obviously meant for comic relief. But what Creationist museums are doing in reality isn’t all that different. They’re taking science and twisting it to fit their needs. For some reason, we don’t find it as funny when it’s science. More people believe it because it’s more important to them. In art, all of the same tricks could be used. How do we know that the painting is really “Saturn Devouring his Son” and not “Darwin Eating his Child”? There are records and history books, but those could be wrong.

Of course all of this is ridiculous, but I’m saying that it’s much more difficult to disprove scientific fact than it is the true history of a painting. Yet we laugh at these deservedly funny satires of “creationist art” and millions will pay admission with serious intent to visit these Creationist museums and will learn that man lived with the dinosaurs.

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