Churches Claim Virginia Tech Shooter Could Have Been Demonically Possessed



Maybe one day people will stop looking for answers as to how they could have prevented this massacre and realize that it simply needs to be chalked up to mental illness and perhaps push for tougher gun laws. Until then, we’ll have wack-job church leaders asserting things like “the devil made him do it.” When speaking about demonic possession, at first I couldn’t believe that a credible news source would report this. Then I noticed in the story exactly where all this talk began…

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Through sorrow and shock the nation struggled to find answers to why Cho Seung-Hui went on his killing spree at Virginia Tech.

Was it the result of an uncontrolled mental illness?

Was he an angry young man avenging the wrongs he perceived?

For many, both were plausible explanations. For others, there were no answers.

But some saw evil at work, perhaps an evil force controlling Cho.

Fox News(DING DING DING) explored this possibility in a segment titled “Did the Devil Make Him Do It?” In it Richard Roberts, president of Oral Roberts University, said that ” there’s no doubt that this act was satanic in origin.” Evangelist Franklin Graham reportedly said he believed Cho was demon-possessed.

The Christian Newswire recently carried an opinion piece by James Sterling of the Troy Beacon in Michigan under the headline “There’s a Devil Loose in America.” Cho “was just acting like his daddy,” Sterling said. “… Satan, who comes only to rob, kill and destroy.”

All of this raises the question of whether there is such a thing as demon possession.

The views of area religion leaders range from an unequivocal yes to an unequivocal no. There was even less certainty about what possessed Cho.

Read the rest of this story HERE.


2 Responses to Churches Claim Virginia Tech Shooter Could Have Been Demonically Possessed

  1. Matt says:

    Oh wow. How can such a backwards idiot be in anyway associated with an institute of supposedly higher learning like a University. Oh, wait … the oral roberts university. That explains it.

  2. […] first the Virginia Tech Shooter and now an asshole father in Texas. The devil’s really making his rounds lately. Thankfully, […]

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