Mike Seaver to Debate Rational Response Squad on ABC

ABC is the network that brought us Marguerite “God Warrior” Perrin, a fanatical fundamentalist who has earned fame for her Christian Fundamentalist tirades on the program, WifeSwap.

Just for gits and shiggles, here’s the video once again:

Now ABC plans to air a 90-minute debate on Wednesday between a washed-up actor with an opinion and members of the Rational Response Squad, a web-based organization dedicated to promoting secularism. Despite their poorly designed web site, the Rational Response Squad has gained fame through their videos on YouTube.

Kirk Cameron is a former child actor who turned evangelist after Growing Pains was cancelled. He joins Evangelist Ray Comfort in the ABC debate, in which Cameron and Comfort have been challenged to “Prove the Existence of God scientifically without envoking the Bible or faith.”

“We are very grateful to ABC for taking this courageous step,” said Ray Comfort of the “Way of the Master” ministry in a news release regarding the first “Nightline Face Off,” which was recorded before a live audience of about 100 people in New York City on Saturday. “As far as we know, nothing like this has ever been done before.”

Basically, if you’d like to hear what Cameron and Comfort are going to say, it will sound a lot like this.

Also, expect the “Banana Argument,” one of Comfort’s “proofs” that God exists. Here it is:

This argument is beyond ridiculous and has been made fun of to no end on YouTube.

Martin Bashir (yes, the same man that brought us the big Michael Jackson expose), will moderate. This whole thing is pretty laughable – but interesting nonetheless. The program airs Wednesday, May 9 during the afternoon, but will be rebroadcast during “nightline.”


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