Christopher Hitchens Criticized for Errors in Book

Mark Oppenheimer, writing for The Huffington Post’s Eat the Press, recently criticized Christopher Hitchens for perpetuating a myth about Orthodox Jews in his book God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.


Oppenheimer writes:

On p. 54, Hitchens writes, “Orthodox Jews conduct Congress by means of a hole in the sheet…” This is, as even most idiots know, a total fabrication. As a lie, it’s not as bad as the blood libel, but it’s not so far from the old tales of sexual perversion in Catholic monasteries and convents — it’s a lie meant to discredit a whole people by making them seem sexually bizarre and far outside decent society.

Oppenheimer goes on to show us that agrees that this is just a myth.

Recently, Hitchens was on Lou Dobbs and Dobbs put up a list from Hitchens which listed famous virgin births. One of the ones that struck me as odd was Buddha. In my studies of Buddhism, I don’t remember ever reading anything about a virgin birth.

He is referring to stories that later came about regarding Buddha being born through a slit in his mother’s side. This is nothing but an example of a story becoming corrupted over time with repeated re-telling. More info here.

Here’s the video in case you missed it:


2 Responses to Christopher Hitchens Criticized for Errors in Book

  1. Trevor says:

    This is an excellent blog. We have linked to it from our new online community Secular Earth. We can be found at Come help us change the world.

  2. magikent says:

    Thanks for the link, Trevor! I’ve joined your site.

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