Bottled Water Company Rips Off Consumers By Selling Bottled “Holy Water”

A California bottled water company has begun selling bottled “holy water.” We all know what a scam bottled water is in the first place. The Organic Consumers Association says:

While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the quality of public water supplies, the agency has no authority over bottled water. Bottled water that crosses state lines is considered a food product and is overseen by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which does mandate that it be bottled in sanitary conditions using food-grade equipment. According to the influential International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), “By law, the FDA Standard of Quality for bottled water must be as stringent as the EPA’s standards for public drinking water.”

However, the FDA is allowed to interpret the EPA’s regulations and apply them selectively to bottled water. As Senior Attorney Erik Olson of the NRDC explains, “Although the FDA has adopted some of the EPA’s regulatory standards, it has decided not to adopt others and has not even ruled on some points after several years of inaction.” In a 1999 report, the NRDC concludes that bottled water quality is probably not inferior to average tap water, but Olson (the report’s principal author) says that gaps in the weak regulatory framework may allow careless or unscrupulous bottlers to market substandard products. He says that may be of particular concern to those with compromised immune systems.

Now hardcore Christians who need their holy water to go can buy bottled holy water for that extra Jesus boost they might need in the morning after eating their Moses-O’s™ with Mary Milk™.

holy crock of shit

A quick Google search for “Bottled Holy Water” turns up multiple companies ripping off the faithful in the name of Jesus.

Gotta love capitalism, but Holy Crock of Shit!


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