America Would Elect a Homosexual Before an Atheist

In this recent Gallup poll, Americans were asked who they would vote for if given a choice of minorities.


55% would vote for a homosexual while only 45% would vote for an athiest. And you’ve seen the amount of bashing that homosexuals have had to put up with from our “tolerant,” “loving,” religious friends. So as much as it makes me cringe when Mitt Romney says things like “Well, I think people in this country want a person of faith to lead them,” he’s right. People in this country need to be led by someone who gives their accountability up to an imaginary friend. Pass the buck, I guess.


3 Responses to America Would Elect a Homosexual Before an Atheist

  1. […] on their faith as their campaigns played out. It’s a laughable idea. But unfortunately, faith is very important to American voters. I plan on making the “PFW” a regular recurring column at The Great […]

  2. Nancy says:

    Wow. Women should have been at the top of that list. Sad, indeed.

  3. Matt says:

    (I am not saying this as my personal opinion- it’s more along the lines of “just letting you know why.)

    Responding to Nancy’s inquiry, the reason is quite pathetic and simple. Men see themselves as the dominant sex. So that being the case you have men in the US who wouldn’t take a women seriously, especially when dealing with ‘dem terrorerist’ or issues where an intimidation factor may help resolve an issue. (not saying that’s right) So with that mentality in the US, you have people who think they’ll look like ‘pussies’ if they elect a women.

    The US is the definition of [emotional insecurity]; to it’s fullest.

    I hope that helps to understand why you will see a black man as President before you see a women.

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