Bible Condones Spousal Abuse?

While perusing through Fundies Say The Darndest Things, a user-provided content site where people submit ridiculous and sometimes hilarious fundamentalist views and rants, I found a very interesting quote. The quote comes from David J. Stewart, from and addresses the question “Is it okay to divorce an abusive spouse?”modest

Stewart Says:

Interestingly, and sadly, all we see on the internet and in society today is talk about domestic violence; but NEVER do we hear anything about statistics on wives who refuse to obey their husbands. It is evil. It is just as sinful for a wife to frustrate her husband through insubordination and disobedience as it is for a man to commit domestic violence. I am not lessening the sin of domestic violence, I am emphasizing the sin of wives who rebel against their husbands by not being obedient. I realize this is ancient mentality to feminists today; but it is 100% Biblical doctrine. A wife is expected by God to obey her husband. Feminists are eagerly willing to crucify abusive husbands; BUT they won’t even address the issue of wives who disobey, mistreat, and frustrate their husbands. It takes two to tango.

Please understand that I believe a wife who is being physically abused should leave if she feels threatened; but not divorce. Such a wife needs to sincerely ask herself “why” her husband is being abusive–there’s ALWAYS a reason. …”

David J. Stewart, [2007-Feb-17]

Wow. What are your thoughts?
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11 Responses to Bible Condones Spousal Abuse?

  1. nosugrefneb says:

    I agree: Wow. Just…wow.

  2. Coops says:

    Hi there, as a Christian, I say WOW too.

  3. Storm says:

    Well, let me see, what are my thoughts on abusive husbands? About the same as a soldier committing war crimes who uses the defense,” I was only following orders”.

    There’s one way to look at it.

    Many men wrote the bible, Not God. in fact, many books never made the cut because they didn’t fit the goal of the commission which was charged with the task of compiling the documents and putting together a book called the holy bible.

    If you ask me, it is full of holes

  4. Storm says:

    Wow? Wow?
    what does that mean exactly? What does your wow mean? you agree with beating your wife? you agree with men being demented enough to bash their spouse in the mouth because she disagrees with him?

    FSM, what does wow mean?

    flip wow over and it’s mom, did your mom get bashed around like mine did?

    wow, please clarify your view points or don’t use the bandwidth.

  5. Storm says:

    bow wow, that’s a dog. or woof for short
    baahh, now thats a sheep, or wow for short

  6. Troy W says:

    I think that this article is so true. Now i do really believe my girlfriend deserves a smack when i ask some simple little favor of her and she freaks on me.

  7. magikent says:

    Storm, are you talking to me? Do you really think I would support spousal abuse? My wow is “wow” in disbelief that someone would be so idiotic as to wish to beat a loved one in the name of an imaginary magic superhero’s” ideals.” You didn’t get that? Wow.

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  9. timmebash says:

    Another reason why religion is stupid, pointless and hypocritical

  10. timmebash says:

    btw Troy W you are the idiot of the day! yay! i hope you die alone…

  11. lovely lady says:

    Ignorant people make me so furious!! Maybe if a man had to submit to someone AND got the shit beat out of them for having an opinion htey might make a few allowances for such a case. I guess the only good woman is a silent one or a dead one.

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