Bush Doesn’t Want You to Know the Age of the Grand Canyon

First of all, you can read a little bit about how the Grand Canyon was formed at Wikipedia. It’s pretty easy to learn about how geology carved out the rocks millions of years ago on the Internet, but now thanks to orders from the loony Bush administration, the Park Service isn’t allowed to talk about it. This link was sent to me today and I almost punched my computer screen right in the pixel. I can’t believe that this administration is so hard pressed to push their religious agenda that they’re now covering up the scientific historical data of our country’s landmarks! It’s unreasonable, unethical, and very scary. Grand Canyon

Also in the news, Frisch’s Restaurants have been ordered to burn all records of the creation of the “Big Boy,” as the Bush administration fears that it clouds the belief of fundamentalist christian hamburger lovers that the “Big Boy” was the creation of no one but a miraculous and caring God that wanted to cure our hunger.


One Response to Bush Doesn’t Want You to Know the Age of the Grand Canyon

  1. vjack says:

    Great blog! I found you though Atheism Online, which is where I go when I am looking for new atheist blogs. The Grand Canyon story completely blew me away. Such idiocy among believers! Anyway, keep up the good work.

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