More on Left Behind: Eternal Forces

Speaking of Morons, here’s a video of an appearance made by Clark Stevens, a proponent of the religious hate game we spoke about previously, Left Behind: Eternal Forces.
Clark is a Co-Director of the “convert or die” themed game and clearly is on the defensive when asked about the hateful theme of the game.

I’m not big on censorship. Mr. Stevens is rightly apprehensive that their product is being censored, which is unAmerican. Jay Sekulow, speaking on behalf of DefCon, claims that they are not trying to get WalMart to stop selling the game. He says they are simply wanting WalMart to educate their customers on what they’re buying. But that’s not necessarily true. The DefCon website states, “Take action now and urge Wal-Mart to stop selling religious violence this holiday season.” That’s pretty cut and dry.

One of the defenses of the Left Behind camp is that the game is not violent and when people are gunned down with military-grade weapons for not acepting Jesus, they quietly die in a puff of smoke. How cute. It’s like death with ice cream on top. Face reality guys, it’s still killing people in the name of Jesus. Mr. Stevens argues that it’s okay because the game is rated T for teenagers. Using that logic, it’d be really swell if it were rated for even younger children. That would make the game extra super okay. Let’s expose even younger kids to religious intolerance! Then we’ll all bathe in their infidel blood and sing happy songs about the immaculate conception. After all, the younger the game is rated, the more easily these kids can be taught to hate people who are different than them.


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