Little Girl Video is Dumb

I’ve seen this video on several blogs now, accompanied by comments about how great it is. I, for one, think that video is dumb. It’s a cute idea, it just didn’t work in my opinion. It could have been so much better had they used more continuous takes and dialogue that an 8 year old girl would actually say. Instead, when I view it, I can’t help but picture the person coaching the little girl the lines and making her do take after take until she gets them right. It’d be great if I could suspend my disbelief to the point where I could imagine a kid saying “then i probably would get medieval on someone’s ass,” but honestly, I think the last time someone used that phrase was on In Living Color circa 1992.

The video was done by a band called the Bastard Fairies. After hearing the video’s outro song “We’re All Going to Hell,” I downloaded their album and I have to say, I dig it. So in that sense, I suppose their video worked.


One Response to Little Girl Video is Dumb

  1. emily says:

    i laughed, either way.
    “…the nazis, the KKK, and the republican party!”

    overall.. kinda lame, but funny to hear “little boys who choke their chicken, you are going to hell” on the way out.

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